Useful Social Media Marketing Tips & Techniques for Small Business

Social media marketing has become an integral component of digital marketing services.Many small businesses are embracing this technique to boost their business growth. As per the statistics by emarketer, 21% of small businesses plan to increase spending on social media advertising this year. Another research says 92% small businesses say social media marketing is an important tool for increasing their business sales.In this post, I am going to focus on basic social media tips and techniques for small businesses to get better conversions.

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Top Social Media Tips for Small business Marketing


Many a times,marketers are busy in getting as many connections/followers to their company profile.Increasing your connections or fan base is not the right technique for social media marketing.It is important how you retain your followers.It is observed that the more you reach out to your followers/connections and have conversations with them,you will definitely maintain a good reputation.One social media enthusiast had quoted,”social media is all about conversation,don’t consider it as press release”.Whatever you are by nature,extrovert or introvert;as a social media marketer,remember to “BE OPEN.”


Choose a suitable domain name that matches your business niche.Start writing on the topics you are comfortable with.There are many blogging platforms of  like WordPressBloggerTumblr that allow you to start blogging free of cost.Writing is an art.Choose a specific time of the day that is comfortable for you and start sharing your thoughts. Think about your expertise and think about the things that you’re interested in writing about.Once you are done with the writing,You would like your readers to share your valuable content on social media.All blogging platforms provide social media plugins to share your content.For example SHAREBAR is a WordPress plugin,that automatically adds an attractive bar vertically to the left or right of your posts or horizontally below the title.The key for successful marketing  on any channel is to provide useful content to your audience.

3)Participate and Promote Others

If you are into social media,getting social has to be in your genes.You must identify a few blogs or websites that are into your domain.Technically,they might be your competitors,but it is always better to follow,listen and participate in their blogs.Your participation in such blogs will not only create credibility but also generate trust.Once you build up your reputation on those websites,owners will invite you for blog writing and share our views. This will help you to bring your ideas to much wider audience.

From another perspective, If you own a business that sells organic foods.In that case you can promote or participate someone who is manufacturing popular organic food brands.


Engagement is an important metric on any digital marketing channel. It is important you remain consistent with the post you update on your Facebook page or frequency you tweet. Follow Analytics and decide the best day or time to post. This may vary for different businesses.Someone who sells TV,may engage is audience by posting some lucrative offer on weekends. Make sure your posts are unique everytime. Real estate agents too can make good conversions by posting on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

I hope,these social media tips and tricks for small business will help you in engaging your fan base and getting good followers and maximize conversions.

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