List of Web Analytics Tools -Best Google Analytics Alternatives

In the last blog,I discussed about web analytics terminologies. I explained useful concepts in Google Analytics as well.There are few flaws and imperfections that makes google analytics usage annoying.Few issues like  the “not provided” keywords and the actual time lag in collecting data  and its analysis it,is making webmasters to think of some really good alternative to Google Analytics.web analytics alternative

In this blog, I am going to throw light on few more web analytics tools that offer equally interesting features as Google Analytics.

4 Top Alternatives to Google Analytics


Everyone working in web analytics are very much aware about  Kissmetric’s blog. Kissmetrics makes data tracking more personal,and helps you to visualise user life-cycle.This tool allows you to drill down to see the behaviour of individual visitors on your site and how that has changed over time.Allows highly-flexible custom data with an extremely simple API . The Dashboard as it gives you  good view into metrics for our business. It makes product information easy to interpret through funnels and conversions.This is best analytics tool for E-comerce sites

Our Score:9.5/10


Clicky defines itself as web analytics in real time,with interesting features like heatmaps and uptime monitoring. When clicked on  visitors recorded IP address or individual information, you are provided with data of  their location as well as more specific details like the device they were using to browse your site.The free registered account can very well track up to 3,000 visitors per day. You can upgrade your account by paying additional charges and avail tracking of more visitors per day.

Our Score:7/10


FoxMetrics is a real-time customer behavior and analytics platform  which provides you with great actionable metrics to help you out in increasing conversion.FoxMetrics stores data in terms of each visit with each visit having different events associated with it. Tracking of personal level events gives you a better insight into the visits made by surfers and you can analyze this data and arrive at better conclusions and that can yield higher conversions.

Our Score:8/10


This tool shows you how many visitors are online, and how many of them are actually reading information on your  website. They allow you to even zoom in on any visitor and see what they have done so far on your site, not only in the last few minutes, but over the last 3 months.You can even integrate Woopra with your online store, and observe what visitors are doing on website.The real time data that Woopra offers is much more advanced than Google Analytics.Definitely a must purchase tool for real time analysis.

Our Score:9/10

The reviews of these web analytics tools, I mentioned are my personal opinions.Choosing a right web analytics tool depends on the type of the website and the kind of data you want to track.In next few blogs,I will cover some advanced concepts in web analytics.Till then,make your hands dirty accessing these tools.:)

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