How to Use Google+ Efficiently to Boost Your Business

Google+ is the newest entrant into the cornucopia of social networks. While many critics have given it the nickname of “Ghost town”, if utilized strategically, it can work wonders for your brand. Google+  is the magic wand that can work wonders for your business and is an excellent belvedere for creating customer engagement and promoting yourself or your business on the Googleverse. According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has more than 300 million users, which puts behind Twitter with 200 million followers. These mouthwatering statistics should prompt you to use this amazing “new relations builder” network for leveraging your business and to do it NOW.

google+6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google+?

  1. Link authorship and your Google+ personal account: Google enables you to your content from a domain to your Google+ profile. Once the Authorship is established your photo will appear next to the all your posts in the search results. The benefits include:
    1. Enhance visibility among search results
    2. Your content garners greater authority
    3. Greater level of trust created among readers.
  2. Link your Google+ page and your Business website: After analyzing 5,000 websites, Hubspot concluded that the websites with “+1” button get 3.5 times more visits on Google+. Moreover it helps you grow your audience on Google+ and also within the search engine results. Installing a Google+ badge on your website will work wonders for you. Posting genuine content and updating your posts regularly will project a good impression on the viewers. Advantages are: 1. Increases your follower database 2. Will institute you and your brand as a source of quality and authoritative information.
  3. Hangouts and Hang on air: Google Hangout is a unique way of carrying out video conferences or webinars. If you are not ready to invest in webinars, by the aid of Hangouts interaction with 9 contacts is possible. However live streaming on YouTube can increase the audience and to have online discussions with people from all over the world. With the Hang on Air you can launch your product as videos to the global audience or carry out debates and discussions which can be viewed later or live. Highlights: 1. Video conferences with employees on the go 2. Web conferences 3. Online interviews
  4. Google+ and SEO: The content posted on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google. It has a positive influence on Google search engine. If you are followed by people on Google+, then there are chances that your article will be ranked higher.
  5. Join and create communities: Being social by participating in like-minded communities and creating communities using your personal profile and page is a great way to increase engagement with other members. You can make your profile private and invite people of your choosing. Alternatively, your community can be made public and you can moderate the requests to join the community.
  6. Google+ Local: With Google+ you can be where your customers want you to be. When your page is listed as local business, you can post pictures and reviews can be written by visitors. For example: If you decide to go to a restaurant and check it on Google, you can read the reviews and see the pictures of that place. Google+ even prompts you to write reviews on the local businesses of your area.

Conclusion: Google+, if used efficiently can do wonders to your business, and more importantly,it may help you to boost your rankings in organic search.

Key takeaways:

  • Increase your authority
  • Enhance visibility
  • Reach out to a greater audience.

All in all, its a powerful social media tool , having all power packed features that can give you quality conversions.

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