What Makes a Good Facebook Post?

It is each digital marketers dream to create a post that would go viral on Facebook. It’s the golden mine of marketing and these Facebook posts are Mount Everest of information. Marketing on Facebook is the latest trend. If the page has the right ingredients and strikes the right cord among the audience, then it is bound to go epidemic on the Facebook page. However, there is no textbook theory for generating good quality posts but we jot down a few points that are bound to attract more attention and help you gain your stand on Facebook.

facebook postWhat to Consider for a Quality Facebook Post

  • Include specs of engaging videos and photos – The posts that have an accompanying image or a video are capable of drawing more attraction and help the content to stand a class apart. Try to include attractive images and see how the post gets an elevated response.
  • Succinct and crisp text – Short, concise and to the point posts are the winners in the competition of generating more interest and reader attraction. Ideally keeping the text limit 100-300 characters are better received.
  • Build a two way dialogue – Always ask your audience to give their opinions about your product. The changes thereby imposed, showcasing that you value their feedbacks and acknowledging them for the beneficial results encourages the viewers to more actively participate in the conversations that you craft.
  • Share discounts and promotions- Broadcast promotional schemes and discounts in form of posts to drive your online sales to rise meteorically. Adding details of the dates between which these advantages can be availed will add an element of urgency among your customers.
  • Provide access to exclusive information – Exclusive information for your followers in form of posts will generate a placebo effect. This in turn leads to amplified trust and loyalty.
  • Be quick to reply to a post – When you post about a particular topic and a customer asks a question, make sure to answer it in the shortest span. Regular and timely replies establish better engagement ties.
  • Schedule your posts – There are different opinions about the ideal time for posting on a page. But the practical solution is, schedule your posts when most of the members are online.
  • Target your posts – In order to generate maximum likes and engrossment, select your target audience first. Post relevant to a particular target audience will generate more interest and are more likely to be read.
  • Always review the performance of your posts – Creating an avant-garde post and taking no pains to see how well it faired among the audience will not help you. Tools like Page Insights helps you to find what type of content interests your audience. There are several monitoring tools that show the response to each post.

Now it’s your turn to implement these strategies ,increase your quality social media metrics and unfurl the innumerable layers of Facebook marketing.

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