Beginner’s Guide for Using Hashtags on Social Media Effectively

Until Years ago,A Hashtag or a simply “#”,was a plain symbol denoting a pound or a simply hash,and for me it was an almost neglected key on the keyboard.As social media is evolving,#Hashtags is creating a sensation in social media.


hashtag is a keyword phrase  prefixed with the number sign (“#“).Widely used on social media, a hashtag makes content of your post accessible to all people with similar interests, even if they’re not your followers or fans.Say suppose ,for Eg. you are a great follower of English Premiere League(EPL),and you want to know and share some updates about the happenings in EPL,then you can start using”#EPL” or”#EPLmatches” on twitter and stay tuned with the updates.


The hashtag’s popularity started with Twitter and later extended to other social media platforms. In 2007, developer Chris Messina proposed, in a tweet, that Twitter begin grouping topics using the hash symbol.

How to Create Effective Hashtag

1.No Spaces

Hashtag is a phrase, having no spaces between words.  All letters and numbers must be together without spaces in a hashtag.  No punctuations or symbols are requiredin a Hashtag,Yiu can use numbers in a hashtag,but there has to be some letters along with the numbers.

2.No Long Hashtags

Keep your hashtag simple,easy and not complicate to remember. If you are planning to implement  hashtag on different social networking channels,then it is important that you understabd the character limit of those social networking sites. Always prefer using an acronym, if you are buzzing about an event whose name is too long.

3.Use Correctly and Wisely

Don’t try to stuff your message with hashtags.Too many hashtags in a single post or a message will look like spam,resulting into loss of your followers.Theoretically,it is said to stay safe using one to three hashtags per post. Don’t let hashtags distract your audience from what they want to read about.

Hashtags are catching lot of eyes these days,and getting a key part of social media marketing. 71 %of people on social media use hashtags. Study also reveals that 43 percent of hashtags users feel it is useful using it and 34 percent use them to follow categories or likes of one’s interests.

4.Trending Topics

One strategy is for brands to appropriate existing hashtags and make them their own.Trending topics on social media are formed,for showing users what is being talked about the most on that social media platform .Most trending topics become popular through concrete efforts of users or because of an happening event that provokes people to talk about.If you click on the trending topic on your Facebook sidebar, you’d see a stream of pages posting about the story. Trending topics not only provide you content ideas but also keep your audience engaged.

We will keep posting more such social media marketing techniques to keep your business booming.



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