How to Use Whatsapp for Business Development

WhatsApp- Influencer marketing tool

WhatsApp has transfigured the concept of messaging services. As we bid adieu to the traditional messaging services, this article while cover open the shrouds of how to use WhatsApp to grow your business. According to a statistics, currently more than 450 million people are using it to carry out some or the other type of conversation. Initially dubbed as a younger generation App, it has gained the worldwide stature of being used by people of all ages. This most talked about App across the globe only requires an internet connection and a smartphone. Versatile features like instant messaging, voice call, photo and video uploading have made it an instant hit in the Internet Kingdom.

whatsappWhatsApp and its use to leverage Business

WhatsApp is extensively used by startups and businesses of small and medium enterprises to connect with customers. A personalized brand experience can be nurtured and direct interaction with customers is possible. We present a few innovative tools to grow your business and to gain a better visibility whilst taking help of the fastest growing messenger App.

  • Improving client services loyalty management: The phone numbers in your address book are directly synchronized and added to the WhatsApp contact list. So once you save your present/potential client’s number, there opens the boundless possibilities of personal communication with him. Exchanging of business proposals, schedules of meetings, infographics and many more things can be done via this platform at each other’s convenience.
  • Digital marketing and customer engagement: With the latest technology of instant messaging, it is predicted that bulk emails and SMS services will become rituals of the bygone era. Moreover, customer engagement can be increased by delighting your customers with the news of latest promotional schemes and discounts. This powerful platform enables you to carry out epidemic publicity to leverage your business with greater returns on investments.
  • Easy installation and simple to use: Since it is a very fuss-free App which works on all smartphones. Once it is downloaded, punching on the icon will lead you to the main screen and no accompanying music or videos makes it favorable for business.
  • Multimedia versatility: To let customers know about the offers, sale, discounts and promotional schemes, photos and videos can be uploaded. Instant delivery of the photos saves time, money and international interactions can be done seamlessly. However it is believed that sending such promotional pictures and videos can often by annoying for the customers, so instead links to relevant blogs or articles can be sent, giving the customer reasons to trust your brand.
  • Team communication: Inter-company conversations can be carried out and it doesn’t require all persons to be in one place. The manager can get instant updates from various teams at the same time irrespective of the place where all are. Simply sending your team mates an inspirational picture can work wonders.
  • Brand building and brand management: By creating a one-to-one communication pathway between the owner and customers will install faith in them. Ur clients can instantly tell you in case of any problem with the products. With the help of simple and interactive surveys you can have up-to-date knowledge about what how your products are faring.

Near zero marketing costs have made WhatsApp to be used extensively for business purposes.  We hope that you too have started unleashing the bountiful advantages that this powerful App offers.

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