How to Increase Followers on Pinterest Efficiently

pinterestSocial media is becoming the most widely used platform for projecting small and medium sized businesses to the global audience. Pinterest is the newest emerging member of the social media and has 70 million followers. According to a data, 80% of Pinterest’s followers are women. If your brand is related to homer décor, craft, food, health and women centric, then this website is definitely the best platform to display your forte. However, if you have still not established a strong fan following then here are a few tips bound to attract people towards your band.

  1. Add a Pinterest follow button on your website: Add the Pinterest follow button at all prominent places on your website. If you have high traffic on your blog/page/website, this button will divert the visitors to your Pinterest page. By making it simpler for people to find your brand, you are converting audience into brand advocates.
  2. Follow other pinners: Being social is the key to get more followers. A simple rule says people follow you when you follow them. Check which of the pinners have similar interest as yours, follow 5-10 new pinners every week and hopefully mane of them will follow your.
  3. Post attention-grabbing content: People have followed you because they like your content. Ensure that you live up to their expectations by posting the best content. Don’t forget to post your stuff as well. People will be more attracted towards a brand having humane touch.
  4. Thank the people who are pinning your posts: Find out the people who are pinning your posts and acknowledge them. When you see that someone has pinned from your site, always leave a comment and thank the pinner. There are all chances that he will follow you back.
  5. Take part in collaborative boards and post there regularly: This will project your posts in front of a greater audience and will help you get more followers. However beware and post only on those boards that have the same niche as yours. It makes no sense to post home décor pins on a finance board.
  6. Search out for people who have interests similar to yours and comment on their pins: The best way to interact with people is to post sensible and likable comments. This is a fun way to develop relations with people who will follow you back.
  7. Post content regularly: This can be the hero or the villain of your page. Posting too frequently can be annoying to your followers. Also posting spam stuff would make you lose your followers. There is no need to spend entire days to get a few hundred followers, posting 4-5 pins a day which are of superb quality would gain the much needed attention.

So the bottom line is: Getting hundreds of followers is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest, start with small goals like spending half an hour a day to pinning. Make pinning on Pinterest fun filled and creative to build a great online museum. We hope that you have got the hang of it!

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