How to Use Slideshare to Promote Your Business

Are you looking forth to promote your content on the Internet so as to accentuate your visibility? You are doing that on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all other social media websites but if you have not tried posting on Slideshare, then you are really missing the boat. Slideshare is the most popular presentation-sharing website in the world with 130 million page views and 60 million monthly visitors. It is mobile compatible and if your content is generic and informative to be ranked on Google’s first page, it can go viral and elevate your brand’s presence overnight!

slideshareThis article is a must read for all the people wanting to carve their niche on Google’s front pages.

  • Defining Slideshare: A free social website that allows you to post PDF’s, PowerPoint presentation and videos and is accessible by all people. The content posted here can be viewed by all public, searched and shared by everyone. The advantages of posting on Slideshare are: increases awareness about your brand in the Internet Kingdom, expands your client list and ultimately drives more traffic and leads to your blog or website. If you embed your blog post with a Slideshare which summarizes the whole content, the value of your blog increases many-folds.
  • Search Engine Optimization of your Slideshare content: By putting in the right keywords in your content will ensure that Google will give first preference to your presentation. When someone searches for a specific item or term, your post if contains the relevant information will pop up first. The content on Google’s first pages is considered authentic and it has a very high traffic rate.
  • How to augment your Slideshare content? There are a few tips to optimize your presentations to make it more appealing.
  • Include Images: Think what your target audience will respond to the most and accordingly add an eye-catching picture in your presentation’s first page.
  • Add a relevant title: Including a title that is easily understandable and suits your content makes it searchable. It should be short and easy to be recognized in the thumbnail format. It should be optimized for search by adding appropriate words, numbers or subject matter.
  • Tags: Adding tags on your content keywords makes your presentation more visible.
  • Description: Adding a simple and appealing description makes your article more searchable. Optimizing the SEO helps your article get more views.
  • Strategic placement of links: Articles or presentations contacting more page links are placed higher by Google Page Rank. Adding links to your website on the first slide, last slide and in the middle slides makes it rank higher on Google.
  • Content should contain: Slideshare is used by people on go, as it contains concise and precise matter. Adding appropriate pictures, tables and statistics makes your article more convincing. Typically it should contain simple text that is quick to digest.

Your blog synopsis can be condensed into a PowerPoint in Slideshare to cater to the online audience. By including a “call to action” sentence in the last slide and in between, you can make your content go endemic on the internet.

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