Synopsis of Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 was more than an hour of a conference organized on both offline (Mountain View, California) and online platforms. Its objective was to introduce new features, tools and ways to improve marketing performance using Google ads. If you want to escape the trouble of watching the entire long video, we have a speaker wise synopsis ready for you.

Speaker 1: Jerry Dischler

Reimagine what’s possible
Drive results today
Build resilience for tomorrow

A. Reimagine what’s possible

      1. You can multi-search data. For example- search with image and text at the same time.

      2. Navigate information deeply using improved search results.
      3. It is time to build strong video strategies as 34% of videos are being watched online per day and Youtube shorts is averaging over 30 billion daily views.
      4. You can also display videos on the discovery feed.
      5. The focus is to provide rich visual content to improve search experience results.
      6. Video ads will also run on youtube shorts automatically.
      7. You can expand your audience research with connected TV for Display and Video 360.

        B. Drive Results today
        1. The key is to focus more on automation driven results based on machine learning.

        2. In research, Performance max has shown around 13% incremental conversions at a similar CPA.3. In order to provide more options with the Performance Max campaign, Google has introduced  A/B testing to run performance measurements.

        4. Performance Max Campaigns will also provide new insights and explanations to have a deep understanding of a bad or good performance.5. The best part is that Performance Max will also show recommendations to improve the Optimization score.

        C. Build resilience for tomorrow

      “65% coverage under modern privacy regulations by                   2023.”

  1.  To build resilience, Google has now introduced Search and Conversion Lift Tests.
  2.  New Geo Experiment functionality will help you see where your ads are shown vs where they are not.

Speaker 2: Vidhya Srinivasan

Reach the right people
Deliver the best ad

1.  Audio search has improved to the extent that you can hum and find a song easily.

2.  Broad match and smart bidding coupled together have driven value using machine learning.

3. New Google processing hardware and other innovations have led to an increase of 6% more conversion value.

4. Responsive search ads will use text content directly from landing pages on the website.

5. Testing a new feature to directly message after seeing search ads.

6. Store videos and images on your asset library. You can also create a video for as few as 60 secs directly in the library and publish it on youtube. You will need a logo and a minimum of 5 images to do the same.

7. Google Analytics automatically uncovers insights based on which part of the funnel they lie under. That can help you take more calculated decisions for marketing. It can even predict future customer behaviour and value over time.

8. Explore the new attribution insights to see the best performing campaigns in the multi-touch conversion paths. You can also study budget insights to invest more in the campaigns driving results.

9. Analysis of audience performance on Audience insights with first-party data.

“ Advertisers who increased their account level optimization by 10 points saw a median 14% increase in conversions. “ - Vidhya Srinivasan

Speaker 3: Saurabh Sharma

He spoke all about Google’s updated privacy commitments wherein Google does not sell or share any personal content or personalized information from ads.

1. You can control privacy on your Google accounts using three toggles - web and app activity, location history and youtube history.

2. You can also delete data after a certain period of time.

3. Google has now introduced My Ad Center to control data shared by users. People can control the topic of ads they see on youtube, search and discover. You can choose from brands and categories like dating or parenting. For example, you can choose to see more ads from Myntra and fewer from Meesho if you are not interested in the latter.

4. Marketing mix modelling helps to run ads with privacy even across Google channels like youtube and connected TV. Conversion modelling will use a wider coverage with more browsers and new models, higher quality, improved accuracy, and consistency across Google Analytics and Google Ads with automatically integrated reports.

5.  Data-driven attribution can be used irrespective of conversion volume. Google has introduced on-device conversion measurement where the information is neither shared with the publisher nor the advertiser.

6. Google Tag will replace the global site tag for Google Ads and Analytics. This tag will be updated with new capabilities.

Bill Ready

Showcase your products
Get the most value

In order to upgrade the window shopping experience, Google will enable the user to visualize products in 3D using AR in search.

Tina Weyand

  1. The browsing experience will improve in terms of search results by showcasing high-quality content and reviews.

    “75 % agree Youtube provides unexpected inspiration”

  2.  Inspiration to make a purchase can arrive at any point in time, even while watching a random youtube video. Levi’s scaled up their marketing using video formats allowing them to produce tailored content which makes an impact on the user. Video formats give the freedom to present the feed dynamically.
  3.  Video ads will have more placements on youtube videos and youtube shorts.
  4. Performance Max campaign uses highly visual assets like product images, lifestyle photography and video.

Matt Madrigal

Product improvement on Google Ads

  1. You will be able to easily spot inactive offers on Google.
  2. Under the products section on Google Ads, you will be able to find missing attributes, competitors' offers and best practices to drive results. This can be used to build bidding strategies during holiday seasons to run winning campaigns with maximum visibility.

“Users are 77% more likely to choose a loyalty brand over competitors."

  1. You can run loyalty programs before a lead even reaches the stage of purchase. It helps to increase the probability of sales amongst the same users when they reach the end of the funnel.
  2. Performance max will help you run loyalty programs by including terms like “Free shipping and earn new points” in the ads themselves. You can also upload your existing customer's list to customer match so that the ads are shown exclusively to new members.

We hope you found this article useful for all the updates. We are very excited to use the updates launched by Google for our future Google Ads marketing strategies. Do let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below. We would love to read your thoughts on the recent updates by Google.

If you are someone who needs help in leveraging these updates for your digital marketing strategies, feel free to contact us at BM consulting.

This blog has been compiled by Ayushi Sharma.


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