Step Wise Guide to Nail Your Marketing Strategy For Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day targets all users with Amazon Prime Membership. Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be organised from 26th July to 27th July. Being a Prime member, the customer gets free delivery on all orders by default. On this day, members can expect additional heavy discounts on top-selling products from renowned companies having an Amazon store.

Being a seller, you can benefit by selling products under all categories, including electronics, clothing, shoe and jewellery, home and kitchen, toys, beauty and personal care, etc. Benefits of Prime Day include marketing, discoverability, visibility, and increased sales potential.

Here is the stepwise procedure to nail your marketing strategy for the best results.

Step 1: Prepare a plan.

Amazon Prime Day is a chance to send huge traffic to the marketplace. It is highly competitive for advertising agencies and marketers. Hence, you need to build strategies to reach maximum audiences.

For example:
1. Allocate budget based on top priority and low priority SKUs
2. Start campaigns two weeks earlier so that the campaign has enough historical data by the big day.

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Step 2: Select the product you want to highlight.

Not all products or SKUs perform very well. So, you need to do a thorough research and study your reports. Make segments based on historical conversions. If you are a marketer, make sure you discuss the products to be highlighted with your client. You can also target bundles rather than just single products.

Step 3: Opt For FBA.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a storage and shipping service offered by Amazon to help businesses. You can ship your products to Amazon warehouses and rely on them to ship out to different locations. Ensure that the promotion inventory of products is up to date here. Do not forget to liquidate all the old stocks you do not require for Prime Day.

Step 4: Do check all the listings and keywords, title, bullet points and selling price

Check the listing according to Amazon guidelines and check if it contains enough keywords to gain visibility. Here are some points to be included in the checklist.

A. Product title.
B. Keywords on the page.
C. Bullet point
D. Competitive Price
E. Description
F.  Attractive and high-quality product images and videos.
G. A+ content
H. Product variation or twisters.
I.  Product reviews.

Step 5: Create an Offer

Nothing is more attractive than discounts on products. Calculate and figure out the best deals for your product, eventually getting you a good profit margin. Make sure your offer stands out on Amazon for visitors to make a quick purchase decision.

Note: Coupons and deals have certain eligibility criteria for enrollment, so you need to check them out before enrolling and make sure your account is good and has adequate vendor review ratings.

Step 6: Check the deadlines for discounts

Amazon has certain deadlines for all types of discounts. You may have to keep an eye on those deadlines to not miss out on the benefits of Prime Day. The types of prime day promotions that sellers can offer members include coupons, lightning deals, deals of the day, price discounts, best deals and prime day spotlight deals. Reap maximum benefits using these discounts on Prime Day.

Step 7: Work on your brand store and run customer engagement campaigns.

Getting traffic to store pages in the pre-prime day phase is essential. Push deals using sponsored campaigns like sponsored brand video ads, sponsored products, and sponsored display ads.

Start your campaigns for customer engagement to get a fair idea of search terms, placements and audience behaviour. This helps you increase the visibility of the most important and relevant keywords. Ultimately, the algorithm should have enough data for an optimized campaign to offer maximum visibility on Prime Day.

Bid high on the keywords with a good number of conversions. You can also adjust your bids according to the time of the day, as people tend to buy in the evening hours after completing their daily chores. Make sure you have a high budget set, and there is no limitation on Prime Sale Day. Also, ensure that the account budget is not exhausted during the entire Sale.

Prepare a list of combinations of audience segments that have worked well in the pre-prime day phase. The perfect audience can be a bit difficult to find, but if you are running campaigns for a considerable period, you should be able to figure out the best performing audience for Prime Day.

If you need help setting up your store and campaigns for Amazon Prime Day, please reach out to us at BM Consulting or visit

This blog has been compiled by Ayushi & Mohasin.

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