Top 7 Amazon marketing hacks to sell more products in 2018

Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store. It brings traffic to its site in the form of customers looking to shop. To get people interested, you must make sure that your product listing is proper. Here are some important marketing hacks to sell more products in 2018:

1. The Title 

There are two important elements of an Amazon product’s detail page. One is the title. It tells buyers about your product. You can add keywords and help your product rank higher.

You can add in your title some features like Brand name, Name of the product and Distinguishing features such as colour, size or use.

You must add the best possible keywords for your product and educate customers about the same. But you shouldn’t cram your title or else it looks very intimidating and makes no sense. Keep it simple and use tools like Merchant Words, Google Keyword Planner and Simple Keyword Inspector if you want to find keywords for your product. Using Amazon’s A9 is also good.

2. Use more images

Images give Amazon products a better outlook. They make a shopper click on your product or skim away from it and keep scrolling. Y=If you want to keep the buyer interested, you need to create best-quality images for your product. Amazon has some rules regarding the same.

More Pictures on Amazon

  • Your main image should be on a white background so that it appears clear and uniform.
  • Do not include any other accessory in the main product’s image.
  • You must make sure that you use all of the product images offered.
  • The images must be a minimum of 1,000 pixels x 1,000 pixels so that buyers can scroll and enlarge it.

3. Keep Precise Bullet points

If customers are still sceptical about buying your products even after your title and images, it is time to step up your game. You need to use bullet points which are straightforward. If you want to use your bullets to its maximum use, you can use a short paragraph that focuses on the features and benefits of your product. If there are any doubts that might cause someone to not buy your product, address them as well.


bullet points for amazon listings


4. Engagement

Your product description is very important. It turns a shopper into a buyer. Amazon shoppers usually tend to ignore the product description, which happens because of its location on the page. You should use basic HTML to highlight certain words or phrases as it makes your description easier to read.

5. Answer all Doubts

There is a great market opportunity in an Amazon product listing’s Questions & Answers section. It is often underutilised. Customers submit questions even if they haven’t yet made the purchase.
Customers submit questions even before buying the product. You should display accurate answers to the same.

question and answers on amazon

6. Easy Search Terms

Amazon determines which keywords are relevant for your Product. They do so by looking up the listing from the Search Terms section. This is not visible to the public.

A few guidelines for search terms in Amazon:

  • Don’t need to use a comma between words, but space is important.
  • You must include both singular and plural versions of the words.
  • Do not repeat words. Don’t make sentences out of your keywords.

You will know that your product is doing well and it isn’t in the wrong direction if you have a search terms section with no complete sentences a jumbled mess of words.

7. A Final Word

You must always test whatever you do. Make small changes and see how they will affect your product. Keep in mind that you should only test one thing at a time. Testing multiple items together won’t help you figure out which change affected your listing or if the impact was positive or negative.

By following these steps, you can have a well-converting listing and be successful on the world’s largest digital shopping platform.

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