Tips to make optimum use of Amazon product display ads to rank better than your competitors

Amazon is the place where almost everyone is shopping since there is something for everyone. It is a good place not only for the buyers but even for the sellers to market their stuff, create brand awareness and drive traffic. So, if you are not selling on Amazon, trust me, you are losing out.

Amazon has some awesome features that allow sellers to advertise on the e-commerce site with the possibility of higher turnover since the customer’s search products here with the intention of purchasing and buying a product or two. Sponsored products ads, Headline search ads are quite beneficial to the sellers since they work according to the keywords and bring the sponsored products to the first page of the search result pages depending on the searches made.

Product display ads are a little different. It works based on the interest of the buyers and also on specific product type. It appears at different places in the marketplace and prompts the buyers to browse through the products that might interest them based on their browsing history or shopping history.

This advertising feature is available to the sellers through Amazon Marketing Services. All they have to do is select the Product Display option, set the budget, set the target audience, check few more parameters and that is all. They are set to sail.

Now, the sellers are ready with the Product Display ads but this is the easiest part. There are few tips to keep in mind that will help the vendors to be a step ahead of their competitors who are in the same field and may be using one or more Amazon Marketing Services.

Keep reading to know how you can stay ahead of the competition.

  • Know which products should you advertise

As a seller, you must be keen on selling all the products that you manufacture or procure, but when selling on Amazon Product Display ad, keep in mind to advertise only your top selling products or those products that have higher user ratings. If your product has more positive reviews and ratings, it is most likely to sell better than the ones of your competitors as people trust and buy after reading reviews. The better the review, higher the chance of your product’s selling and in turn, you will climb higher in the Best Seller rank, which again gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Know which other products should you target

Selling your own products requires targeting those competing products. Identify the competition and evaluate your product’s strengths and weakness with that of the other competing products. It would be a mistake to list your products in the listing where it stands no chance of selling. Know where your strong points lie and advertise based on those strengths.

As a seller, your only focus should never be on selling but also on creating brand awareness and reaching out to the customers about your existing and upcoming products line. When you target other products, the higher the number of times your ads will appear.

  • Know how to create interest for your products

The best way to create interest is to narrow down your target. Understand who your target audience is and what do they want from the products. Since, keywords don’t work here, understand the buying preferences of the buyers and create interest for your products by targeting the audience whose interest meet your product description.

Product Description on Amazon

Also, being specific with the product description will help in narrowing down the target audience for the product. Although, you are not using keywords, jotting down the ones that pertain to the products will help in narrowing down the customer base even further.

This narrowing down approach will help you the perfect buyer for your product who was not aware of the products’ existence in the first place and you will be able to reach out to the potential customers easily.

By narrowing down the potential customers’ list, you will be able to find the customers who shop for or look for similar products on Amazon and you will be able to reach them and interest them with what you have to offer.

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