Tips to know to boost your sales on Amazon prime day

Amazon’s Prime Day sale is something that every Amazon user looks forward to in the month of July for the past three years and something that is definitely worth the wait.

Amazon’s pseudo-holiday sale that has been converted into the biggest online shopping festival of the year is something that is beneficial for not only the buyers but also for the sellers. The crowd pulling strategy of Amazon attracts a huge audience and the sellers and vendors must not give the opportunity a miss. It is one day that has record sales and has more than doubled visitors. It is the day that the sellers are ready for the busiest selling day.

Introduced in July 2015, Amazon Prime Day is the day when Amazon offers huge discounts on various products for the Prime members and that year it had a massive sale record and saw an enormous conversion by almost all the vendors who participated. There were huge discounts on Echo speakers, Fire Sticks, Fire tablets, Kindle reader and such and saw a sale of about 100,000 TVs, toys, home stuff and more. The sale volume had, simply, doubled.
Well, if you also want to gain in the big rush, join in the Amazon Prime day sale and start preparing for the next year, beginning like right now. And, if you think you are the only one trying to prepare beforehand, you are quite mistaken. So, how is that you can stay a step ahead of your competitors and others in the same field?

Follow these tips to help you stay ahead of the competition and also, boost up your sales.

  • Use attractive and eye-catching images

As we have heard repeatedly, pictures say louder words than hundreds of words in the field of marketing. Thus, make sure your product campaign has incorporated pictures and images that are attractive and eye-catching as this images are what will pull the attention of the buyers and prompt them to buy the product.

It is advisable to add images of the product from different angles, product packaging and scale of the product and other such information that will give your product a visualization that will help the buyers choose it immediately.

  • Offer multiple products to Amazon to sell

If you want to seriously sell and make a profit on Amazon Prime Day sale, make sure to offer all your best products to Amazon. This will help in increasing the probability of higher profits for you since Amazon receives a million products for this specific day sale. You need to put your best foot forward for Amazon to select your highest selling products.

  • Check inventory and be prepared beforehand

If you are a Prime Day seller and anticipating higher sales, it is better to be proactive and have a proper inventory check and have stock ready before the D day.

Check Inventory Amazon

Also, if you would like to have better sales, get your product listed under Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as this will have a better impression on the buyers.

  • Use proper keywords

In order to describe your product you are given 500words, so make the most of it. Have a catchy heading and proper description of the product including the brand, dimensions and such. Also, incorporate the keywords at least once in order to optimize on the SEO.

The description should be such that it intrigues the customers and prompts them to complete the purchase.

  • Make use of Amazon Marketing services

Amazon has some awesome marketing services to offer to the vendors and sellers in order to increase their sales volumes. Sponsored Products ads, Headline ads and Product Display ads are a few ways that can be used by the sellers in order to create an awareness and interest regarding their products prior to the Amazon Prime Day sale.

All said and done, it is important to keep in mind that you may or may not make it big during the Amazon Prime Day sale. Don’t lose hope. Start small and be positive. You might not have a high increase this year but this will help you test the waters and set sail next year. All the very best and happy selling!

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