How to enhance sales of your products on Amazon listings on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest platforms for doing online business. Each and everything is available on Amazon and it is simple and easy to order. Every business wants to get higher ranking of their products on Amazon. You need to focus on the Amazon’s Search Engine Optimization to increase your traffic, listing, and sales. The most important thing is the product optimization. The main three factors that are important for product optimization are the content, Keywords, and reviews with question and answers.

  1. Role of Search Engine Optimization for Amazon listing

The keyword is important for the product as it is required when a customer searches for something. At that time the searched word should be the keyword then only it will direct the customer to the product. So keyword optimization is very important. We should include all the keywords related to the company and product on the page. For that, we have to do in-depth research about the various keywords. After selecting the proper keywords we need to assign it to various products. We should consider the following points for it:

  • Title of the product

The top 5-6 selected keyword should be used for the product title as it is the most searched thing.

  • Backend keywords

Backend keywords should not be used more than 249 bytes else Amazon will not index these keywords as it will exceed the maximum limit. This is to be added to the search terms.

  • Description of the product

The keywords used here should be precise for the understanding of the customers. Usage of too many words can confuse the customers. The information on the product should be clearly mentioned here.

  • Different types of keywords

There are different keywords defined for the target audience. Amazon has a filter option for that. As for example: Men/ Women/ Kids. This makes the customer’s work easy.

  • Further details

More details related to the product should be added. Like their cloth material, exchange or return policies, size, quality, quantity, etc. this gives a more clear picture to the customers and help in choosing from a variety of different available products.

2. Content Optimization for Amazon listing

Content optimization helps in increasing the click-through rate (CTR) in the search bar and the conversion rate (CR) on the product page. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the sales for the company and will increase the ranking also.
The content can be improved by taking care of these three things: images of the product, product information, and produce texts.

  • Product texts optimization

Product texts include the product title, bullet points and the description of the product.

  • Proper communication

The communication between the company and the customer should be clear. This can be done by highlighting the benefits of the product and most importantly talking about the Unique Selling Proposition of the product.

  • Information

The necessary information required by the customers should be provided in a simple way.

  • Presentation

Visual efforts work better than anything else so the structure of the product should be presented properly.

presentation Amazon

  • Images of the products

Firstly the customer will look at the picture of the product and then will go through the other details. The images are classified into two categories: the main image and the additional images. The main image is the image representing the core product which can satisfy the customer’s wishes. Additional images are related to the main product showing the additional features of the product.

  • Product information

product information Amazon

Additional information helps in gaining the trust of the customer. It is useful when the customer uses the filter for searching for a specific product.

3. Ratings, Reviews, and Q&A

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. When a customer reads the review of another product for a specific product that he is willing to purchase then it will enhance thus purchase.  Question and Answers help the customer in solving then queries which may be unsolved while going through the product description. This will also improve the knowledge of the customer and will create awareness. This helps in increasing the ranking of the product.

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