Lead Generation Vs Demand Generation

Lead generation and demand generation are the terminologies often used in B2B and B2C marketing. When I started my career as a Digital Marketing consultant. I often used to get puzzled and curious to know the difference between two, when actually the efforts taken for both the strategies are no more different.

Lead Generation is sales centric, where as Demand generation is marketing centric.

 Lead Generation involves collecting registration information, in exchange for content,that helps us to build a marketing database. The contacts generated through lead generation are passed on to tele -callers / sales team.

As stated earlier, Demand Generation is marketing centric. Demand generation helps in creating demand for an organization’s products or services through marketing.

Lead generation is a database-building activity, capturing prospect information and connecting that prospect with sales. It is much reliant on keeping your content and information behind things like lead capture forms. 

Demand generation is about influencing a market. It’s about creating an interest in and a market for your products or services through marketing, with the goal to make buyers more likely to buy them.

lead generation and demand generation are totally different activities that needs to be a part of  content marketing plan. In many markets, the dominant approach has become lead generation first.

Difference Between Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation

lead gen vs deman gen

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