Introducing New Google’s Offering For App Promotion Business With “Universal” App Campaign

Get More Familiar With “Universal” App Campaign.

Recently Google introduced another new Campaign Type called as “Universal” App Campaign Specifically designed for App Developers for Better Promotion of their App and Enables the App Marketers to reach Users across Search, YouTube, the Google Display Network, and Google’s in-app advertising network AdMob.

Now a Days more and more companies are starting to realize that having a Mobile App makes it easy for their customers or clients to use their products and services faster and easier. Having to open up a browser window and type in a URL just isn’t fast enough anymore — even if the mobile website is optimized and looking great. Hence Apps are almost on the cusp of becoming a Necessity for Businesses to Succeed.

The move is meant to leverage Google’s scale to challenge competitors, like Facebook and Twitter, which also offer app install ads that can be targeted to reach pa

Campaign Setup - Universal app installation Adwords
Campaign Setup
Edit ad copy
Edit ad copy
Location Edit
Location Edit

How the New ” Universal” App Campaign Type Works

Many Questions Automatically Arises in Everyons’s mind like How Does It Works?, Does It Have keywords? Does it have Display Audiences and Targets? Does it have YouTube targeting?

Hence let me Tell you It Doen’t Require Any Keywords, It doesn’t have Disply Audiences and Targets and Not that One Either. It Looks Like Google Released The Set-It-And-Forget-It Version Of App Promotion With a Simplified Setup Option That Will be Available in both AdWords, as well as directly in the Google Play Developer Console which is where App Developers Manage Their Apps, Campaigns can be Quickly Created without requiring that developers input a lot of information.

How do you use Universal App Campaigns?

  1. Set a Desired CPA And Budget For Campaign.
  2. Universal App Campaigns Will Scale Your Reach, And Maximize Installs Across All Of Google’s Ad Platforms.
  3. The Campaign Set-Up Will Automatically Pull App Images, Videos And Description From Your Play Store Listing To Create Ad Formats That Are Most Appropriate And Fitting For Placement.

You have an all-in-one campaign, but what’s the downfall here?  Your access to normal tabs on AdWords has been limited.

Settings That Are Available For Universal App Campaign

  • 4 ad text ideas
  • YouTube Video
  • Location
  • Language
  • Budget
  • Target CPA
Language Edit
Language Edit
Add Bid Budget
Add Bid Budget

So, How Is This Going To Help You? Do You Want More App Downloads? Do You Not Want To Take The Time And Effort To Create Separate Search, Display And YouTube Campaigns, All With Their Own Targeting Settings And New Ads For Each One? Well Then Above Is Your Solution. Just Set It… And Forget It!!!

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