Real Estate Digital Marketing:Useful Email Marketing Tips for Realtors

Email Marketing is an important component of  marketing,ever since the Digital Marketing evolved. Email marketing is a direct marketing that utilize electronic mail as a means of communicating messages to your desired audience. A key component of real estate marketing is relationship marketing. It is important for realtors to generate reliability and trust within their customers.Here,I bring you some really useful email marketing tips for realtors.


Having worked with real estate clients, I know the pains realtors have to go through to get customers and even retain older ones. In a conventional marketing,you can get in touch with customers through a telephone call. But,how often are you going to call and hear (annoying)replies.

“Email” attribute in customer registration form plays a vital role. Anyone who has shared an email address with you sometime,is more likely to convert into customer through email marketing.

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks for Realtors

1.) Like any other business, Email Marketing for real estate industry too has its own advantages. Following are the benefits:-

  • Builds relationships and trust
  • Sales and Conversion
  • Desired Audience targeting
  • Data driven

Make sure your email reaches a desired customer base only. Shortlisting your correct audience will reduce your time and costs in long run.Database segmentation will help in reaching the right customers. Remember,if an email reaches a wrong customer,you might permanently lose a customer. Real estate agents can segment their database in two parts:

a)Customers looking to buy land/house b)Customers looking to sell land/house

2) Concentrate on your Content. Check that you have short and catchy subject lines. This will increase the rate at which your customer opens an email. It is important that your email content is relevant to the subject line. Keep it precised.It is not necessary  that every email you send need to be from selling perspective. You can offer your subscribers some really important information  about  local area issues or may be changes in homeowners association regulations and fees.

Whenever delivering a content through email,call-to-action is important criteria.Make sure your subscribers can contact you for home improvement tips or may be for selling or buying a new house.

Some important things you can mention in your email :

  • Your Business information
  • Area you work in
  • Links to virtual tours,videos or your property showcasing website.

HTML and Rich media messages which includes audio, video, and animation leads to higher response rates.However,it is always recommended to have a text only format,since many people prefer to read only text.

Avoid email spamming.

Spam is unsolicited bulk email (UBE). It is defined as

  1. Recipients have not agreed to have it sent to them.
  2. It is sent as a mass mailing.

Social Media

Many people are turning to social media platforms for seeking information,it is important to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Post your email content to social websites.Seek email subscription signups within your real estate agency social profile.

Email Marketing Measurement

It is always better to test different subject lines, content and creative designs. Use real-time results to see which options work better and yield higher response rates. Implement  A/B test to different segments of your email list to see which works best. Apply the changes, and then send the more successful email to your larger email base for better results.

These Email marketing tips for realtors will work great if done correctly with logical,clear and creative approach.You can refer to digital marketing ideas for real estate agents to gain more insights in real estate business

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