Crucial laws of Social Media Marketing to follow

Challenge your ways of Social Media Marketing and add leverage to your content. In this way you are more likely to bring to the fore your potential audience and customer base in a dramatic way.

The 10 Commandments
The 10 Commandments

Keeping the social media marketing fundamentals in mind will allow you to maximize and qualitatively increase your online presence amongst many.  Abiding by the below mentioned crucial laws of social media marketing will help you build a strong foundation that will serve your brand positively , build customers and most importantly guarantee optimum Return on Investments.

1. Make less noise, Listen more

Let your target audience do the talking. Follow your target audience’s online content and be a part of the discussions. Try to effectively evaluate what’s important to them. Only then you will be able to gauge the potential content that interests your readers. Create content and spark healthy conversations that add value to the brand.

2. Be focused on what you want to deliver and achieve

Share relevant message. In order to take advantage of the strength of social media you need to include a strategic combination of planning and dedication. Plan out and strategically design a highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy with the intention to build a strong brand has a better chance for success than a broad strategy.

Remember, excellent content gets people to share, and that sharing will allow your audience to widen to potential fans, friends, and customers.

Social Media Marketing is for all – a solo entrepreneur or a large business. Use social media marketing as an effective marketing tool to build the trust and recognition that at some point significantly grows your business. It’s advisable to stay focused and build a brand identity that allows you to Master your Giving.

3. Quality speaks volumes

It’s better to have lesser audience, which is interactive, who read, share and talk about your content with their own audiences rather than having connections who disappear soon after connecting with you the first time. It’s wise to pay emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

4. Be persistent in delivery; keep patience

Miracles do not happen overnight. Similarly, Social media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to adept to constant learning and consistently deliver in the hope to attain constructive results.

5. Multiply your followers

Give emphasis on publishing quality content. Quality content when published is bound to multiply your online audience of quality followers as the published content will be further shared  with their own audiences on social networks such as Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, their own blogs and more.

This compounded sharing of your content opens new entry points for search engines like Google to find it in keyword searches, eventually the entry points growing to hundreds or thousands of more potential ways for people to connect with you online.

6. Follow your potential competitors who influence you

Follow your competitor’s quality audiences who are likely to be interested in your products, services and business as well. No matter what amount of time you commit, be human. Be relevant and helpful. Be reliable and authentic. Be valuable and interactive. Be civil. And share, don’t sell. Connect with those people and work constructively to build relationships with them.

True social media marketing takes dedication and it’s likely the interesting source of useful information you post they might further share your content with their own followers, which could put you and your business in front of a huge new audience.

7. Value promotions, rather than conversions alone

Do not use social web for directly promoting all your products and services, people will stop listening. Use social media as a platform to create amazing content and developing relationships with online influencers. In a nutshell use this interactive medium as a powerful catalyst to talk about your brand and sustain in the minds of your potential audience marketing for your business.

8. Acknowledge your connections

Building business associations is one of the most important parts of social media marketing success, so always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

Make it a point to greet on Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and Festivals and so on.

9. Be available, do not disappear

Be consistent when publishing content and don’t disappear soon after you post. Be available to your audience. Generate means of building relationships by encouraging conversations.  Followers online tend to forget and won’t hesitate to replace you if you disappear for weeks or months.

10. Reciprocate and share content

Follow the rule of “Give and Take”. Spend half of your online web time not only in sharing your content but also should be focused on sharing and talking about content published by others.


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