Writing Effective PPC Ads:Tips for Writing Compelling Text Ads

In the last blog,I discussed important components needed for Google Adwords Search network campaign. Although,we discussed each component separately, It’s important to cover them in detail.In this post, I am going to discuss about writing compelling PPC Text Ads,that will give you winning results.

PPC Adcopy


Writing a Text Ad is one of the most crucial phase in campaign setup.I wonder,why many advertisers overlook this phase,and focus their analysis only on numbers/conversions.If you don’t have a catchy Ad,you cannot expect any conversions.Bill Gates, once said “Out of sight is out of mind”.Although,he made this statement with respect to search engine rankings,but,yes,this rule applies everywhere.If you are not presentable,no one will care about you.Even If you are wealthy,intelligent and wise,but still you are not able to showcase your talent/wealth to people,then what is the use?Now,talking with respect to Adwords, consider wealth as “bid” and intelligence as “quality score”.You are able to rank your ad in top position with these two factors.But,unless and until you have got a catchy Ad text,you would be able to attract only a few.

Steps for Writing Most Effective PPC Ads

1.Competitor Research

Competitor research is a very basic thing when you are working on a campaign setup.Try to study your competitor ads using all possible keywords you are interested to target.You can study competitor’s ad copies using the tools like Google Adwords Preview Tool,SEMRush,Spyfu. You can analyze their targeted keywords,and even understand how much they bid for specific keywords.

2.Ad Content

As,mentioned in my last post, It is recommended you brainstorm about ad copy with your content writer.Remember You have 25 characters for a headline and 35 characters for Ad description.So,All you have these 60-70 characters to showcase your business.Explain the content writer your goal,your required keywords and ask him/her to make a winning text ad for you.This is the strategy,we at BMConsulting ,have been doing for our huge client base.

I have seen many advertisers not making good use of display URL character limit.You have got  35 character limit,hence make sure you have an optimized display URL focused on landing page related keywords. Focus on Call to Action. By adding call-to-action phrases like “Sign up Now,” or “Buy Now,” “Get Now”,creates a more appealing impact to your customers.

You must keep a balance between writing a creative PPC text Ad as well as focusing on technical factors like quality score,CTR.

3.Landing Page

I get annoyed when my PPC guy tells me I will get “X” clicks in “$XYZ”.Goshhh!! Your client don’t care how much clicks/traffic you get him to his website.Sales is what matters!His conversions/leads will get your salary :).

It’s important to take prospective customers to an appropriate and relevant landing page that is directly related to keywords and ad copy. With the clear message in you Ad copy and a relevant landing page will definitely help you to close the deal. Additionally, grouping your keywords into closely related themes,that is creating a relevant adgroups with focused ads and related landing page will get you good conversions.

I recommend carrying A/B testing using atleast 3 different landing pages and then conclude the final one,depending upon performance.

4.Ad Testing

Remember,you may not get your ad copy right the first time,by testing different text messages and calls-to-action, you can determine what clicks your potential customers,keeping in mind CTR and other technical factors.

These tips for writing compelling text ads will definitely help you in creating a winning strategy for your clients.Hope my tips will help you in creating a good PPC ad copy henceforth.

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