Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

The best thing about social media is it’s not difficult to use targeted metrics to measure your social media ROI. It offers some of the best metrics for measuring your ROI. Social media is good medium for measuring an increase in brand awareness.

All you need to do is strategically and analytically set your success guide, set a goal of what you want to achieve, and set aside a time period of how long you want to spend achieving it. Get going on the road to success. Once all these measures are in place then measure your results against that.

Below are a few simple metrics to help you measure your social media ROI, in terms of finance as well as brand building across earned, owned and paid social media.

Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

Determine the Blogger Outreach on posts

Social media campaigns can be measured by scrutinizing the bloggers outreach on your blogs. The outreach of other bloggers, your target audience and their comments can offer some of the best mileage and results of any marketing tactic.

You have to determine answers to the following questions

  • How many bloggers wrote about your posts?
  • How many comments were received by your posts?
  • What were the no of social shares the post got?
  • Prior to the post what was your traffic?
  • What is the increase in traffic since the post?
  • How much did you invest for blogging versus the ratio of sales you received?

Conclude Twitter impact on your business

Twitter not only offers instant eyeballs but great returns as well for any product launch, service or business. Again, measuring your impact is relatively simple.

  • Determine the retweet value against the investments made on the manpower/resources.
  • How often was your hashtag as well as URL used?
  • Screen out how many genuine followers did you get during your promotional expedition?
  • What was the ration of followers on sponsored as well as unsponsored tweet?
  • In case of Sponsored Tweets, what was the cost versus the click-through and conversion?

Establish the most used social media outreach of your posts on Facebook

Facebook is the tool that offers in-build insight tools to measure the demographic metrics and helps gauge a campaign posts

  • How many new worthwhile fans generated by certain posts versus how many you targeted?
  • How many likes and shares did your promotion message get?
  • Were you successful in reaching your target audience through your posts and campaigns?
  • What was the investment on a Facebook ad versus the new sales and prospects generated?
  • What was the money spent on paid promotion versus the business generated?

Measure your posts delivery on YouTube and Other Video Sites

YouTube today is a key tool used by many businesses for any marketing campaign.

Here are the questions that will give you answers to derive the best social media outreach your campaign has got on You Tube.

  • How many views and Likes did you get?
  • How many Favorites did you generate?
  • How many downloads did you get and embeds elsewhere on the Web?
  • How many subscribers did your video attract?
  • If your video had a call to action with a URL, how many times did people click through?
  • How many social shares did you get across networks?

These metrics offer just some of the immediate ways you can measure how successfully your social media goals were met. Which ones you should use and depend on to define success?

It’s vital to bear in mind that a lot of marketing can come down based on brilliant strategy—timing and a welcoming audience.

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