Ways to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Facebook today no more is just to connect and chat with friends and family. This is most preferred social media network preferred by most businesses, when beginning to build presence in online media. Facebook is a reinvention for business to grow online. Businesses today are implementing social media marketing strategy for productivity enhancement.

Even though there are many social media engaging large social media networks, statistics have proven that Facebook creates a strong, smarter marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad.

Do you know how to run business on facebook?

Businesses are still learning to increase the social media engagement on Facebook. Ask yourself a few vital questions when attempting to increase productivity on facebook. A few relevant questions are mentioned below:

  1. How often a business should post on Facebook?
  2. Will updates drive fan engagement?

Here are some answers to the important questions popping in your mind every time you wish to collaborate social media technology to foster long time success to your business.

facebook engagement1.    Know the best productive hour to post on Facebook

It has been analytically proven by experts that to get the best results evening hours when the fans are not at work, during “non-busy” hours  you can expect increased “likes” and “comments on your facebook page.

2.    Best day to post on Facebook

It’s good to post throughout the week. However better engagement is more mid-week and on Sundays.

3.    Is it write to post often in one single day

Quality matters the most, not quantity when publishing to your wall. One or two brand posts can expect higher fan engagement and “like” rates as compared to posting 3 -4 times a day.

4.    What content to post?

To begin a dialogue with fans, ask questions the content post should be informative and answer questions popping in the mindset of the readers. To increase ‘likes’ and Comments, strategically analyze posts to get fans talking (i.e., increase their Post Comment rates)

5.    Key words to use for Facebook offers

Do not run around the bush. When it comes to deals, give a straightforward offer. Statistics have proven that retail brand Posts containing the sales keywords “Rs off” and “coupon” receive the highest fan engagement.

The most popular sales keywords used by businesses such as “sale” and “% off,” receive the lowest fan engagement.

6.    Keep posts simple

Of course, interesting content  added to W all Posts in the form of links, photos and videos is engaging however the more simple Posts is likely to achieve the most fan engagement. Avoid more complicated Posts, such as those with attached links and thumbnail photos.

Get active, to evolve and engage your business in the facebook world.


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