Useful Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Digital Marketing

Real Estate Industrreal estate digital marketingy is getting more and more competitive, as everyone is looking for different avenues to generate revenue.For any business, it is important that you get returns for every penny you spend.In recent years, both buyers and sellers have started looking for online opportunities. Buyers prefer looking for online listings and then visit real estate broker.

It is primarily important to make sure you implement correct internet marketing strategies and make a successful real estate marketing plan. Following are the digital marketing ideas you can integrate in your plan.

Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents
1. Owning a Quality Website
If you want to survive in real estate industry, it is beneficial you own a website, that well describes you and your recent projects. These days,you can easily create a website on your own, although you have less technical knowledge. There are many platforms and softwares that help you to create your own website.
If you plan to have a good real estate website design with lots of customizations, you can contact good web designing studios and get it done. A Website that has good engaging factors will get you good conversions. Eg.You can include a mortgage/loan calculator for different banks,thus making your site more user-friendly.

2.Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the ‘natural’ way of getting listed in search engines. Being a real estate agent,you would like to get your website optimized for certain key phrases like “land for sale in Mumbai” or “Spacious 3 BHK flat in Chicago city”. It is the job of SEO of your website to check that your website ranks in all major search engines(Google,Bing,Yahoo) for all the keywords prescribed by you.SEO is a long-lasting technique,which helps in generating a quality traffic to your website.Search Engine Optimization is rapidly changing field because Google and other search engines make continuous changes to their algorithm.So,be careful when choosing a right agency for real estate SEO.

Marketplaces are sites that provide buyers with a list of properties to choose from that match buyer’s specifications.

There are plenty of websites to choose from, few of them are paid . To name a few that are out there, check out the following:
• Backpage
• ByOwnerMLS
• Enormo
• FrontDoor
• HotPads
• Lycos
• Oodle
• Overstock
• Trulia
• Vast
• Yahoo! Real Estate
• Zillow

3.Pay Per Click Campaign
Pay-Per-Click, as a name suggest is a digital marketing strategy,where in you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.In more technical terms,it is a Search Engine Marketing strategy.I would strongly recommend this strategy for real estate agents,if they are willing to pay hefty amount for real estate advertising. Land developers and home builders are the correct businesses for a pay-per-click campaign. As mentioned for SEO, It is important that the agency that handles your SEM,uses your money wisely.

Awesomeness about PPC lies in targeting an exact keyword phrase like [luxury homes in Mumbai] or keyword phrase like “Luxurious Apartments in Chicago”, and you are almost guaranteed that your real estate ad makes an impression in search results for the searched term. Another reason for using PPC is that you can track cost and return on investment. You can target your real estate ads based on user’s demographics, gender and interests. Apart from this, the remarketing feature helps you to show ad frequently to the user who visited your website.

4.Social Media Campaign
Social media is a wonderful medium to generate business. Real estate agents can set up their Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Blogging is an excellent way to convey your opinions or views to your targeted audience. You can share relevant articles on mortgages, titles, buying/selling tips etc on Facebook or twitter.You can start a contest on Facebook page,that will keep your fans engaged.You can get Facebook apps that calculates mortgage rates/or something that will attract your target audience.Make sure you keep your Facebook page updated regularly.The more you keep your audience engaged,the more you are successful in social media strategy for real estate business.
Twitter has great search options to find what people are tweeting, and where they are located.
I find Facebook is often a challenge to connect with people in a B2C way, unless you are offering highly valuable information or can come up with good contests/sweepstakes that will bring people in and keep them interested. Twitter on the other hand has great search options to find what people are tweeting, and where they are located.

Apart from these,you can make use of Infographics explaining how you carry out your business. Infographics are quite engaging and have higher sharing ratio on social media.

I hope these real estate digital marketing strategies will give you some ideas about how you can start integrating online marketing into your business.

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