Trends of Mobile Utility

Earlier, mobile phones were considered as fashion statement, but in today’s world they have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. People in general; use mobile phones for their business, for household use, for entertainment, for studying and even for shopping. Having humble beginnings for mainly mobile call facilities, this single device today can be a music player, camera, radio, gaming station and of course an internet link.

Mobile phones have had quite a journey beginning from the 2kg handset of Motorola in 1973 to the latest iphones. Likewise their utilities and facilities have varied through a very very large wavelength.


The very first generation 1G phones were mainly used for one-to-one calling and the communication usually was unclear and had huge noise interference. In the 1990s, messaging features were included in the mobile phones. Messaging was then integrated into picture messaging.  Facing rapid growth and technology implementations thereafter, we saw the third generation mobiles coming up with coloured screens, internet connectivity, radio and many more features. Throughout these changes, a significant reduction the weight was also noted.

Today, we have reached a point where almost every activity that is done throughout the day is dependent on the mobile phone. Calling, messaging, constant connectivity, gaming, entertainment, location and internet are some common abut not all features of mobile phones in the current era.

The business world has seen specific and important milestones with the mobile. Customer satisfaction today is more based on how mobile-compatible a service is. Mobile technology augmented with cloud computing allows ample space for flexibility for working in terms of work place, timings and information gathering techniques. Google reports that smartphone users are exponentially increasing every quarter year. Users in general rely entirely on their phones for a number of activities.


Mobile related statistics continue to highlight the usage of mobile phone exploitation progressively.


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