Tips to know how to optimize Amazon products as campaigns

All the brands of all sectors such as fashion, consumer durables, and packaged food are interested in doing business on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Flipkart, and all such online sites. This is all because the advertisements and promotions done online are becoming a major part of marketing activity and is continuously increasing. Online shopping is trending these days which has increased the scope of companies registered online. Statistics say that 55% of products searched online are on Amazon. People tend to search their requirements on large retail and e-commerce websites instead of search engines like Google and Bing. The data analysis revealed that the amount spends on marketing activities on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) saw a tremendous growth. Day by day Amazon is improving its performance. Amazon Marketing Service emerges as the most important advertising services in e-commerce. The strategies in it should be understood properly and its potential should be used in the best possible way. Amazon Marketing Services has three types of different advertising units- Sponsored Product Ads, Product Display Ads, and Headline Search Ads.

  • Getting granular with Sponsored Product Ads

The base of Sponsored products ads is targeting the campaigns. By this Amazon indexes your brand’s individual ASINs/ Product Detail pages. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number that is unique and is assigned to all the products on site. It then runs the machine learning algorithms against that index to push the target keywords. The best-targeted keywords are selected for target campaigns and can be seeded into manual campaigns also.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

If you choose manual campaigns then you get more control over specific keywords, products, and ads that you want to include. Here you have to use the granular structure. You should aim to allocate a separate campaign per keyword and a set of products. This will give you more clearly and better control on optimization over granular at the product level.

  • Eligibility and Headline Search Ads

In order to run headline search ads which have different targeted keywords and banner ads that appear in a banner sized placement right at the top of the search results- your brand needs to display at the most three eligible products within the ad unit. If Amazon decides any one of the three products ineligible then your campaign will be paused and ads will be stopped appearing. This is lead to a huge loss of opportunity. Product eligibility has a commerce aspect for the advertising of the products.

Amazon Headline Search Ads

Amazon has all the rights to make a product ineligible for advertisement due to many reasons including but not limited to if the product is out of stock for a longer period of time or is not profitable enough for Amazon. Eligibility is applicable on all the products. You should be very careful before building and managing your ad campaigns. You should always keep a backup product ready if the main product that you chose is deemed ineligible by Amazon. You should always be aware of the latest updates and check the notifications regularly to ensure quick response towards any ineligible product and minimize the issue of ad campaigns stoppage.

  • Conquesting and defensive strategies for Product Display Ads

With the product display ads that appear on Amazon’s product details page, you should also target the consumers as per their interests and search results. You should do proper researching and these can include your product, your competitor’s products, or complimentary offering products. The most popular strategies that brands are using these days are either defensive campaigns or conquesting campaigns.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Conquesting means running the ads on the detail pages of competitive products in order to entice consumers who drive there to consider your product over the other products. As part of this you need to get you won merchandising, images, reviews, pricing, details of products, description, content, etc. spot on if you want to excel in conquesting. Brands are constantly doing experiments for its success. While defensive campaigns involve purchasing the spot for your product for ads while the competitors are unable to conquest it. Here you can help the consumer in identifying your product specifications and uniqueness. E-commerce advertisements are trending nowadays and which is preferred to be used by all the brands apart from their traditional advertisements.

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