The Importance of Design for Your Shopify Store

The Importance of Design for Your Shopify Store

“Good design is good business” – Thomas Watson Jr.

This quote from a former IBM Chief Executive Officer is enough to convey the importance of design. In our case, it applies to the Shopify storefront.

According to a survey, around 1.75 million merchants make use of the Shopify platform to sell their products. This widespread use of this e-commerce platform is all thanks to its functional storefront that can be set up in a matter of days! All you need to do as a seller is to create a portfolio of your products, select a plan and go live with your store. However, what do you think is necessary to persuade your visitor to make the buying decision?

Just like a physical store needs some elegant décor to attract a customer, your online store should have a design that appeals to the public and makes them explore your store and make that purchase. A great design will allow you to showcase your brand value to the customer whilst earning their trust in the process.

Why is Shopify store design so important?

Shopify does offer numerous themes for you to set up a storefront, however, relying solely on these default themes for your store design might not be sufficient. The design part of your Shopify store must highlight the following areas –

  • Branding
  • Product Images
  • Image placement
  • Illustrations
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • Pop-Ups
  • No clicks are required to place an order etc.

Look at a sample storefront given below. This Shopify store belongs to Taylor Stitch who are pioneers in sustainable fashion. The reason why this website looks classy is that they have enhanced product images, a clean and de-cluttered layout, and attractive fonts, and graphics.

As a potential customer, wouldn’t this design appeal to you to stay a bit more on this website and explore the product range?

An attractive Shopify storefront will help to establish brand credibility and value whilst offering an engaging shopping experience to your customer. It will also help increase customer interaction with your store, leading to higher conversions.

What are the ways by which you can enhance your Shopify store design?

  1. Tell about your brand

Tell about Your Brand

Conveying your brand story doesn’t always have to be about long texts that highlight the history of your brand. A brand story can be reflected by using colors that pair well with your niche or by choosing excellent product images and copy.



  1. Add product tags and filters

Add Products Tags Filters

Filtering your products based on price, size, color, etc will help make the entire shopping process very easy for your customer. Shopify app store includes a Smart Product Filter & Search app that you can incorporate into your store.


  1. Ensure that your site loads quickly

Ensure your Sites load quicklyA slow-loading website is one of the biggest factors that can lead to a low conversion rate. To make your Shopify website fast loading, avoid using third-party apps, large images, non-essential widgets, etc.



  1. Add “search” option

Add Search optionThis is the best addition to increase the UX of your Shopify store. Make sure that you place the search bar where it is easily noticeable and it is integrated with suggested results and autocorrect feature to enhance customer experience.


  1. Find a Shopify designer

Find Shopify DesignerDesigning your Shopify store is a very time-consuming process that requires the help of an expert to make it easier. We, at BM Consulting, have a team of Shopify designers who have ample experience in designing brand-specific stores for a variety of clients across the world. We help you create a storefront that is bound to make your visitor fall in love with your brand.

A great store design is the foundation of your Shopify website. Google says that only 9% of users will stay on your site if it does not meet their requirements. So, what’s the point in spending those thousands of dollars of marketing money just to see your visitor go away? Connect with us today to improve your store design and catapult your conversion rate to new heights!



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