Social media marketing – the lesser-known platforms

Social media marketing - the lesser-known platforms

Nowadays, social media has reached almost all corners of the world, and practically nothing else can beat social media’s impact and influence on us users. Businesses and marketing platforms have benefitted the most due to the rise and popularity of social media. With the advent of social media platforms, reaching your target audience has made it easier than ever to connect with them and grow your business. However, the advantages also come with a lot of limitations.

You must be familiar with the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. You might find hundreds and thousands of more brands and businesses to build and promote their brand on these platforms. The competition is quite high on these platforms. The users are being bombarded with content every second. Your presence might go unnoticed even though you have unique skills and expertise to offer to the world.

That is why we have brought a compiled list of lesser-known social media platforms to consider if you wish to build your brand presence online and be seen and heard.

Lesser-known social media marketing platforms


Tumblr is a fairly known app to many, although it is still not widely popular. The app was launched in 2007 and has been since used as a micro-blogging site where users share their short blog posts. Tumblr is an excellent choice for small business brands whose target audience is mainly the young crowd.

Although Tumblr has limited users, promoting your business and building a meaningful community is a great starting point. The app also offers a paywall option allowing creators to create exclusive content only for active users, enabling a monetization opportunity.


Supernova might be an unfamiliar platform, but it is the perfect choice for someone who wishes to “give back to society”, as the platform rightfully claims. It is a great alternative to all the traditional social media platforms that mainly focus on competing against brands to win their place in the space. Supernova looks similar to Instagram and allows users to like and share posts and videos. The platform has pledged to donate 60% of its advertising revenue to a charity of your choice. Supernova is a great platform for businesses that want to build a community better aligned with their business values.


Discord is a platform hosting real-time text, video, and voice chat. The gamers initially popularized the platform. However, after the pandemic, the website started attracting a broader audience. Nevertheless, using the business to promote your brand is a fairly new occurrence. The platform helps businesses grow by allowing the users interested in your brand to create a community and interact.

Another way of spreading brand awareness can be by hosting Discord events, arranging activities, games, or discussions centered on your brand or otherwise, and creating a space to promote your business and interact with the community interested in your brand.


Before establishing a brand presence, learn which platform caters to your specific promotional needs. Gauge the audience expectations in each platform and determine which one best aligns with your brand’s voice.

The advantage of using these less-explored platforms is that your brand will face less competition than popular platforms. Additionally, the lesser-known platforms bring something unique to the table that differs from other platforms’ existing benefits and features. Hence, being aware of such platforms can benefit your business growth.

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