Repeated purchase and customer retention on Shopify

The term customer retention defines the collection of activities for your business to increase the number of repeated customers. To re-engage customers first you should understand the customer journey map. A new online store takes time to show organically. But you can still reach the relevant audience with Google Ads.

When someone visits your store and engages with the website Google tries to improve its organic ranking. This organic ranking helps to reconnect your previous visit. A new and old store have much difference in their retention rate. This depends on the following factors:

  • Interaction with buyers: After completing the buying process, you should identify the buyer’s interest. According to their interest and behavior, you can interact using email, remarketing etc.
  • Product information: If your product title and image completely related to your actual product, it helps to increase buying decisions.
  • Store Structure: A good structured Shopify Store makes it easy to find products. Visitors will bounce back from your landing page if your website takes much time to find their products. So your website should be easy to navigate.

When visitors visit your store and know your product, Your online store goes through different stages. In each stage, we should use different strategies to increase customer retention. You can divide it into the following stages :


Shopify Store Just Started

In this stage your every buyer will buy first-time your product. On any new online store, visitors take time to trust on your product. Firstly visitor research products and compare prices and features. So you should mainly focus on growing your customer base. You can also use Google Shopping Ads to increase your relevant visitor.

Gaining Traction

After buying the process you get a list of buyer data. This data will help you to analyze the buyer’s interest. According to data, you can retarget these customers. Most of the store owner use Email Marketing to connect with their buyers. You can show related products to your buyer through email marketing. Remarketing ads will also help you to target your buyers.


When a  large number of buyers know your online store, Now It’s time to get in touch with these customers to convert into returning customers. This will create trust and loyalty in your brand and products.


After a long time of your online store, you have lots of data. So it is difficult to connect these all buyers according to their interests. You should use automation to connect on regular basis. This is the stage where you should focus more on retention than acquisition.

While making business strategy you should also focus on the customer retention matrix. It will help you to analyze customer behavior and activities. Some important customer retention metrics are as follow :

  1. Purchase frequency
  2. Repeat customer rate
  3. Average Order Value (AOV)

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