Real Estate Marketing:Top Online Tools to Help Realtors

Technology is a gift to mankind.And of course,it has become a significant part of real estate agents. In the last few blogs,we discussed about different strategies that  boost your real estate online presence,and we BMConsulting are glad to receive an overwhelming real estate  onlinetoolsresponse from you all.

In this blog, I am going to take an overview of the online marketing tools for real estate agents.

Best Online Tools for Real Estate Agents

1.Google SketchUp

Google Sketch Up is powerful tool for generating, presenting and transforming 3D models.You can provide a 3D look to your properties and present it to your clients.An animated look of your properties will definitely attract your customers.Go and make your hands dirty with Google Sketchup Pro

2.Real Estate Websites

Guys,customers you are looking for are already hunting for real estate agents or houses on rent on websites like Trulia and Zillow.These are the best websites for listings,and you will get maximum exposure here.Apart from these websites,your prospective customers are  searching information like pricing,closed transactions and forecloseure on,, Redfin, ZipRealty, MSN Real Estate, AOL Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, HGTV FronDoor, and Homefinder.

3.Videos to Showcase Properties

Video is an integral part of real estate online marketing. You need to learn a few skills to develop and edit videos.It is recommended that you make virtual tour for your real estate property.Such videos gives both interior and exterior view of your property.Make use of wide angles to capture awesome angles.I advise to make use of equipment like camera stabilizer, tripod, and slider.Make use of video softwares like  Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro.

4.Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

This tool helps you to provide a good advise to your clients. It offers an in-depth analysis of loans and investments to help buyers and gain confidence in their purchases.

Apart from the above mentioned tools, it is important that you keep a track on social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.Also,not to forget about contact marketing tools like custom branded emails.These mails when targeted to prospective customers will drive traffic to your website, and hence conversions.

I Hope the tools I mentioned in this blog post,will help you in getting better sales and client satisfaction.

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