How to Optimize Your Website Performance for Better ROI

Website optimization is the crucial phase of any website development.There are lot many things that need to be taken into consideration when improving a website performance.Many web designers who have been into the profession clearly ignore the importance of website optimization,and hence their website proves futile from conversion point of view.

website optimizationFollowing are the things that could affect your Website Performance

1)Internet: Although this looks quite basic,but yes,having a good internet connection does affect website performance.It is important to understand the number of hops it takes when routing a traffic to the visitor.You must know the bandwidth of each of the connections and take care if the parts of the internet goes down, or is the traffic being routed to other sources.

2)Server Speed :This is another crucial element for improving website performance.I recommend having a dedicated server instead of uploading a website on shared or virtual servers. On dedicated server,you are the only one using the server’s resources. On a virtual host ,you share the server with other websites too. IThis is bit inexpensive.On a fon a shared host you don’t enjoy too little web hosting benefits and share server with thousands of other web sites.

3)File Size Compression :File size compression technique is gaining popularity these days.It is essentially used to reduce website loading speed and to reduce file sizes.There are plenty of services that helps in file size compression.You can use some photo/image editing  softwares like GIMP or Adobe photoshop for image file compression.

4)Website Speed :Always separate your Javascript and CSS files.In order to get CSS properties parse when DOM is loading , it is necessary that CSS code stays at  the header of your document.As soon as  a web browser recognizes your CSS styles in the heading ,it will wait to fully display the web page until all styles have been loaded. Any images that are used for icons or background designs will take time to load and hence should be done first.On the contrary,JavaScript files located at your site footer may solve website hangup issues.Dynamic content is difficult to load till DOM gets completely loaded, it may sometime return errors. 

Google has developed a tool called Page Speed Insights to help developers optimize their websites and check for the best levels of performance.


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