Maximizing Profits: A Deep Dive into A/B Testing for Explosive Sales Growth on Amazon

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness.”

 Jeff Bezos

We all are well aware of the influence of Amazon in our lives. We also know that the popular e-commerce giant is home to millions and billions of products and thousands of sellers trying to establish their business on the marketplace and get discovered by the users.

The struggle is real regarding increasing brand visibility for your business and generating quality leads. But what sets successful businesses apart is the result of excellent storytelling.

Think of all the popular brands out there. What’s common among them? They have strong storytelling power. They know how to persuade and convince the audience and convert them into leads. Customers will be ready to buy from you if they resonate with your brand, and effective storytelling helps them with exactly that!

Understanding A/B Testing

But how do you know if customers resonate with your products and the story? How to know if it is impacting sales for your business?

This is when A/B testing comes into the picture! A/B Testing is a classic trial and error method to determine if your product is reaching the customers exactly as you had envisioned and determine if it positively affects their purchase decision.

Suppose you are a business wishing to build brand visibility. In that case, Amazon provides the perfect space to list your products efficiently and run several experiments to determine viewers’ preferences and likings to optimize your content listing and product positioning accordingly.

Selecting the Right Variables for A/B Testing

Amazon encourages businesses to enhance their brand visibility and effectively maximize their conversion rates by providing them with a platform for free and self-service branding along with marketing tools such as A+ Content, etc. They help you showcase your brand in the best light and optimize your listing to reach the relevant audience.

Amazon launched a relatively new tool called “Manage Your Experiments”, wherein you can run A/B tests on product listings and compare two different ones to determine which performs better. Regarding A/B Testing, one group is shown one version of the content, whereas another is shown the other.

When A/B testing, certain variables are to be considered to effectively determine the quality of both versions and gauge consumer behaviors and patterns. Such variables include the following:

Product image

Your product images can either make or break your selling success on Amazon. The first thing that attracts shoppers to your product is the image—the better and more attractive the image, the higher the chance of getting clicks and conversions.

  • Product Title

Titles are one of the first things shoppers will view right after images on the Amazon marketplace. Hence, you need to get as creative and direct with your titles as possible to show customers exactly what product you are selling and add important aspects like its functions, textures, etc.

  • Product Description

Product description might not be the first thing that draws a shopper’s attention. Yet a product description is an important variable as it can heavily impact your product sales. According to Amazon policies, your description can only be up to 2000 characters.

To ensure an effective description, you can highlight only the major features and functionality of the product in bullet points. Ensure you add relevant keywords to your content that match your customer’s search intent.

  • Product Pricing

Another crucial variable to consider when listing your products is the pricing. It is an important factor that heavily impacts the customer’s purchase decision. If your product price is on the higher side, shoppers will opt for a cheaper one, and if your product is priced low, then shoppers will think the product is cheap and opt for a better one.

To tackle this dilemma of pricing the products right, you must experiment with multiple prices using the same format. For instance, run one price for one week and another the next week and compare the product performance with different prices. Later, analyze the price point that drove higher conversions and continue with that pricing.

Setting Up A/B Tests on Amazon

To become a successful Amazon marketplace seller, you must conduct A/B testing. It is easy for any business to create a seller account on the seller central platform on Amazon. Hence, let’s look at how to set up A/B tests on Amazon.

Initiate the experiment

To initiate an experiment, determine which listing you want to test. To determine that, you need to look at your current sales, clicks, and other listing metrics and understand where to improve.

Furthermore, you must determine how long you need to run the test. Amazon lets you run a test from four weeks to as long as ten weeks, and you can determine what time suits your needs exactly.

Additionally, figure out the exact element you want to test to do in-depth research on that specific element and gain effective results.

Once you are settled gathering the needed information, you can go to the Manage Your Experiment page in your account, click ‘Create New Experiment’, and select the type of experiment you want to run.

  • Select eligible ASIN

If you are running the AB testing experiment on a product title or image, select a reference ASIN to use throughout the testing process. When choosing an ASIN, you are required to meet certain standard criteria. If you are performing the test on A+ content, you don’t need a reference ASIN; however, the ASIN you use will need a certain amount of traffic.

When setting up an experiment, you can see which products are eligible for AB testing. If yours isn’t, you must develop strategies to boost traffic for your ASIN or wait for it to increase naturally.

  • Fill in the details

In this step, you must fill in all the important details of the experiment, such as adding a name for your AB testing to analyze the results later. Furthermore, Amazon will require you to create a hypothesis for your experiment to ensure you are clear and thorough about your goals even after the test ends.

Another important detail to fill in on is determining your experiment’s start and end dates. Amazon may require you to wait for them to validate your experiment before it is finally launched.

  • Add relevant content

Now comes one of the most crucial parts while filling in the details, adding or editing relevant content. The content can be anything from changing a keyword to modifying a product title, description, etc. When you are done making the changes ensure the modifications you made comply with Amazon standards.

Once you have added all the relevant content, review it before clicking on submit, and if you think everything looks good, submit the experiment, and you are good to go!

  • Edit or cancel the experiment

After you have submitted the experiment, you can choose to edit or cancel the testing process. If Amazon hasn’t approved your test yet, you can make the edits and wait for it to be approved. If it hasn’t been validated, you can edit your experiment to meet Amazon standards.

Once your test starts running, you can adjust the duration and hypotheses of your testing, and if you cancel the test before it ends, you are required to give Amazon a reason, and then you can move on to another test.

Interpreting results of A/B Testing

Amazon updates you with the results of A/B Testing weekly. You can keep track of the testing progress and analyze where to go from there. Amazon gives you an in-depth analysis and information such as units, sales, units sold per customer, sample size, conversion rates, etc. These figures will help you modify and improve your experiment for better results.

You may not get clear and concise results if large changes to your testing are not made; hence, at this point, you need to decide whether you want to run another test with different changes for better results. This will also prepare you to perform better in future testing as you will know what to avoid.

Analysis of A/B Testing on Sumeet Cookware

BM Consulting ran A/B Testing for Sumeet Cookware and its product. And as demonstrated, BM Consulting achieved impressive results, and the testing proved to be a success in increasing sales for the product.

The image above clearly shows that Version B outperformed Version A by a staggering 92%. In this example, A/B Testing was run on the product’s image, and with just one glance, one can learn that the Version B image was significantly better in terms of quality than Version A.

Due to this simple variation in the product display, a considerable amount of improvement was seen in the sales and visibility of the product. The conversion rates increased by 0.126%, and the product sales rose from 31 units to 46, generating an impressive increase in sales revenue of Rs. 4,828.

Overall, the effective A/B Testing conducted by BM Consulting enabled one of our top clients to achieve outstanding growth and success by improving their sales. These fruitful results are a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent solutions to our clients.

Importance of effective Amazon Product Listing

A clear, concise, and attractive Amazon Listing is crucial for businesses looking to grow and establish their place on Amazon. A simple and basic modification in your product listing can also help you gain a competitive edge in the industry and grow your Amazon business.

Regularly testing various elements of your listing and ensuring it is fully optimized to not miss out on great opportunities that come your way. Amazon is an excellent e-commerce platform for businesses to list and optimize their products and achieve business growth and success.

Though incredibly competitive, once you crack the code of effective product listing and optimization, you are unstoppable!

Wrapping Up

Are you looking to sell and establish your brand identity in the vast realm of Amazon? As overwhelming as it may sound selling on Amazon, BM Consulting is here to change that for you. All you need to do is connect with us, and we will take care of the rest.

Our team of experts is well-versed in the nuances of the Amazon platform. We can help you advertise your products on Amazon and optimize and enhance your listing to ensure maximum conversions and traffic. So wait no more! Connect with us now and rest back while you witness your business succeed on the biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon!

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