LinkedIn : Source of New Business and Career Opportunities

LinkedIn is a network of over 12 million members who have a strong focus on business. LinkedInStatistics have proven that LinkedIn has 3 times better visitors and the lead conversion rate is far better than Twitter and Facebook.

It is vital for every business big or small to have a profile on LinkedIn. If your business is not currently on Linkedin, you should seriously consider building a profile on LinkedIn soon.

If you are about to make your first profile on LinkedIn, send an email to ( XYZ) .Put “Invitation to LinkedIn Please” in the subject line, and your name in the body of the message. We at B M Consulting will try to oblige within 24 hours.

Understanding LinkedIn in simpler terms, It is social connect network for people with a strong bent of mind for business. It doesn’t require a lot of personal time, because there is no requirement to join groups. However in the beginning you have to look for people to join your network. Once people have 35 or more connections, they seem to reach a tipping point where the usefulness of those connections becomes apparent. To have 20 connections is to join the top 25%. Once people get 30 or 35 connections they seem to take off, and it becomes easier and easier to make new connections as people start to flow into your network.

Increasing your LinkedIn engagement could be a crucial move for your career or your brands presence. Sure, you won’t generate as much traffic from LinkedIn in contrast to other social sites, but its audience tends to be businesses, which implies each LinkedIn visitor is likely to be worth more money.

Here are several suggestions you can follow to grow your profile presence on LinkedIn

  • Regularly post in the morning on weekdays between Monday through Friday

  • Remember, Image posts have a 98% higher comment rate.

  • To enhance you’re linked in engagement rate, you should do minimum 20 posts a month.

  • On an average a user spends 17 minutes on the site per visit, and with that type of attention it is easy to see why LinkedIn is so important.

Leverage your profile presence, ask for recommendations

You will notice on many LinkedIn pages that people have recommendations. In the great majority of cases the people making the recommendation have been asked to write that statement, and may have joined LinkedIn to do exactly that. So first; if you know members of LinkedIn who know you well, by all means ask them if they could write a recommendation for you. You don’t need to publish all the recommendations written, and you can ask for a recommendation to be re-written.

Check the person’s profile who gave the recommendation

Very often the LinkedIn Profile page of that person is minimal; this clearly is an evidence of a “jacked up” recommendation. On the other hand if the person behind the recommendation has a full profile and many contacts, someone who is active online, the recommendation can be read with more confidence. 

But no matter how you manage to create new articles, get involved. The faster you start to build your list of followers, the better prepared you will be as LinkedIn’s publishing program grows and becomes an even better source of new business and career opportunities.

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