Important Factors to Increase Clicks on Your Products

When it comes to business you have to impress the customer to sell your goods or service. If you fail to attract the customer then selling commodity to customer is quite arduous.       We are all aware of “First Impression is Last Impression”. This phenomenon holds a wide ground when it comes to the online market. Many sellers on E-commerce website like Amazon think that product page is only useful to give product information. This thought process may not be totally wrong, but if we perceive the things on the larger perspective, the product page is the one which shows the caliber of the product. It also gives the glimpse of the quality of service and the reputation of the seller. All these aspects play an indispensable role to close the deal. It is mandatory to check your weapons before going to war. So if you are doing business on the E-commerce website, the product page is a key factor, it is directly responsible to the number of clicks you get.

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One should work on the following attributes to increase the clicks on product:

I.             Good quality and alignment product image

II.             Product review & rating

III.             Product title tag

IV.             Cost price/sales & discount

V.             Payment options

VI.            Quick Delivery

Lets discuss each one of them briefly.

         I.              Good quality and alignment product image:-

Images of the product are the most important factor in product description. Visuals always play the crucial role to convince the customer. You must capture the neat and clean images, with proper resolution, showing different sides and views of the product. A minimum of three images are necessary.

      II.            Product review & rating:-

Product review and rating is the attribute which builds faith in the customer for the seller and product to be sold. Previous satisfied customers share their experience and insights regarding the product so it is seller’s responsibility to maintain the good feedback stream through the service he/she offers. New buyers’ decisions are highly influenced by the reviews and ratings already present for a particular product.

    III.              Product title tag :-

Product title tag is the first point of contact on the e-commerce website like amazon. Therefore it must be well specified. Some guidelines to follow while specifying the title as follows:

  • Keep it under 200 characters, but make sure to include critical information
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Use numerals (2 instead of two).
  • Do not include information about yourself or your company.
  • If you own the brand, put your brand information in the brand field.
  • Do not include price and quantity.

   IV.            Cost price/sales & discount :-

Customer’s decision almost totally depends on the price of the product and the discount offered. Predominantly in India, customers check discount ahead of price. Price of the product must be competitive to the competitors. The mark up price and selling price both should be displayed on the product page. Also do not forget to mention the discount offered and amount saved by the customer.

      V.            Payment options:-

Nowadays impact of this attribute on the decision of the customer is increasing. Seller should have all the payment options to the product. As we all are aware, demonetization in India adversely affects the Cash On Delivery category sale. So to avoid such kind of incidence customer should have all the options like online payment through mobile wallets, net banking etc.

    VI.            Quick Delivery:-

The time taken to deliver product to the seller should be minimum as possible because other competitors also compete on this ground. Suppose if price of the product is same for two sellers, then delivery time becomes the deciding factor. On the other hand if the customer want product as early as possible irrespective of price then delivery time plays vital role.

These are the means to increase the clicks on your products. You may visit  for further insights by the expertise.

(Compiled by Nikhil Patil)

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