How to write good product title on Amazon – Amazon Product Title Guidelines

Each product category has a formula to use when writing product titles. All categories start with the brand and list the product name. Other facets of the title may include: the quantity (if more than one), the color (if it comes in more than one color) or pattern, the model number, the power output, and the size. At Amazon very careful with all our titles since in many cases the title is the first information the customer learns about the product.

Good Product Title -> Increase CTR -> Increase Conversion->Good Business

Title is most important factor for Amazon product ranking, most of relevant keywords must present in product title

Basic Elements of Amazon Product Titles

Starting with the basics, there are 4 elements that all Amazon product titles should include:

  • Brand name
  • Variant, color, or flavour
  • Unit size / Quantity = size of product if it is clothing or apparel, or number of units in if your product is a bulk package
  • Keywords = what the product actually is

Good titles should follow these rules:

  • Capitalize first letter of each word
  • Spell out measurements (Kg, Inch, Pound, Litter)
  • All numbers should be numerals (2 not “two”)
  • Ampersands (&) should not be used in titles unless they are part of the products brand name. Otherwise, “and” should be written out in lowercase letters
  • If the size is not a relevant detail, do not list it in the title
  • If the product does not come in multiple colors, the color should not be noted in the title
  • Product title length must not exceed a maximum of 200 characters (including spaces) in all categories. Some of the categories may have a different maximum title length than 200 characters. To know the accurate maximum title length for your respective category, please refer to your category specific style guide

What NOT to include in Amazon product titles:

  • Price
  • Words in all CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Seller information’s
  • Promotions (Sale, 50% off)
  • Suggestive commentary (Best, #1 Seller)
  • Symbols ($,?,!)
  • Size – if not relevant to product
  • Color – if the product does not come in multiple colors
  • example: Silver stainless steel refrigerator

It is important to note that not all products require the same content in their titles. For example, the title for a computer would be significantly more detailed than the information for a plain t-shirt. The table below includes a few of the recommended formats in different product categories



Product Type Title Style
Cookware & Cutlery Brand + Line + Size + Product Type
Cook’s Tools & Gadgets Brand(+Model Number if necessary) + Model Name + Product Type, Color
Small Appliances, Home Environment Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color
Tableware Brand + Pattern + Product Type, Number of Pieces
Bedding Brand + Line/Pattern + Thread Count + Material + Size + Product Type, Color
Bath Towels Brand + Line/Pattern + Material + Product Type + Quantity, Color
DVD Players Brand+ Model Number + Size + Product Type + Screen Style (if needed) + Color/Pack Size
TVs Brand + Model Number + Size + Product Type + (Color/Pack Size)
Video Games Brand + Model Number + Product Type + Platform
Laptop/Desktop Computers Brand + Model Number + PC Type + (Processor Speed + MB RAM + Hard Drive Size + Optical Drive )


Bullets Guidelines:-  How to write good bullet points for your product

Title Examples:-

  1. Gaia Pure Organic Body Moisturizer (250 ml) Grapefruit Primrose Wheat Germ & Jasmine Body Care Moisturiser
  2. Shree Decorative Items Handmade Home Decorative Terracotta Kalash Lamp 5 Diya Aarti With Stool In Antique Finish
  3. Foaming Hand Wash Antibacterial Soft Refreshing Flavour of Pink Pomegranate – 160 ml

Bullets Guidelines:-  How to write good bullet points for your product

  • Mainly focus on product details & product USP’s (unique selling proposition) in bullets
  • Capitalisation of first words, using capital letters to highlight the main point of each bullet; we help customers summarize each bullet.
  • Solve your customer problems – According to Amazon’s, your bullet points should be used to highlight the features of your product.
  • Include top trending keywords in your bullet points according to product details
  • Keep it simple but impressive copy



  1. Product:- Foaming Hand Wash – Brand:- FOMY

Title: – FOMY Foaming Hand Wash Antibacterial Soft Refreshing Flavor of Pink Pomegranate – 160 ml


  • REFRESHING SCENT OF POMEGRANATE: indulge in a lather that’s lotion-soft, with the light and fresh fragrances of pomegranate
  • KILL GERMS: kill germs while leaving hands soft, smooth and hydrated. Unique germ protection formula that keeps you healthy.
  • UNIQUE FOAMING FORMULA: this foaming formula is gentle on the skin but tough on dirt and germs, so you can be sure you’re giving your hands a clean that’s complete. Put one bottle next to every sink to ensure fresh clean hands that are soft and supple. Perfect in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, near pet grooming stations and more.
  • ANTI BACTERIAL: anti bacterial and nourishing foaming hand wash, contains moisturising and soothing properties, protects your hands in one single wash
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Intercorp FOMY is manufacturer of a wide range of world class products that are focused on nutrition, personal hygiene, food, water and home care. We continually innovate our products and offerings, and are driven to fulfil the needs of our customers. Efficiently. Economically.
  1. Product:- Bird Spikes for Pigeon Control – Brand:-Prompt

Title:- Prompt Polycarbonate Bird Spikes & Pigeon Control Spikes with Adhesive, 10 feet/4 Row arrangement (Transparent, UV Stabilzed) – Consists 10 feet spikes, each section of 1 feet


  • PACK: Box consists of 10 feet Bird & Pigeon Control Spikes with Adhesive Included Items: 10 Spikes of 1 Feet Each with Glue
  • MATERIAL: UV Stabilized Virgin Polycarbonate COLOR: Clear
  • SIZE (L x W x H): 30.48 cm x 1.77 cm x 11.43 cm; Weight: 1 kg EASY SETUP – Package comes with 10 separate 1 ft sections of spikes. Setup in 2-3 minutes with spikes that are easy to install
  • HUMANE BIRD REPELLENT SOLUTION: The kit works for multiple types of pest birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, bats and even climbing animals
  • FLEXIBLE BASE & VERSATILE USAGE: The spikes can be installed along any elevated areas such as roofs, chimneys, gazebos, even near disk TV antenna (no RF interference), towers, valves, landings, support structures, posts, gangways, curved surfaces or any area being contaminated with bird droppings






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