Generating More Sales Through Customers on Amazon

Generating sales is a hurdle on its own – whichever sector your business is in, whichever platform you are working on whichever marketing strategy you are using. The core of business generation has been based on customers from the ancient times of business. Some things never lose integrity and customer satisfaction is one such thing when it comes to any business. This method is arguably the most efficient and reliable sales generation technique till date today.


It is said that “To gain something we have to lose something” But the question is “can we gain everything without losing single thing?”  Yes we can. But for that we must have comprehensive knowledge of what to do and what not do? This same strategy implies for Amazon. There are certain aspects usually sellers do not pay attention to them but these are the real game changers. These aspects are as follows:

  1. Delivery/ Shipping – It is this aspect which finalizes the order on Amazon. Always try to deliver the product in allocated time. Keeping minimum delivery time will help to enhance the interest index of customer. To outdo the existing delivery/shipping facility Amazon instigated the service named as “Amazon fulfilled”. Under Amazon fulfilled service delivery/shipping is the responsibility of Amazon. Seller does not need to perform any obligation related to delivery/shipping. It gives assurance for on time delivery which is very significant for the healthy relationship with customer to generate good reviews about the product and seller.
  2. Packaging – Packaging plays crucial role in the process. As we know “the goods which look better sell better” is the thumb rule. So the product must be well packed. Also packaging is responsible for the safety of the product during shipping. Any damages leads to chaos so keep in mind the packaging should be safe.
  3. Reply to messages: this point is gaining ground day by day. Nowadays besides reviews, customers rely on how sellers respond to their queries. So, vendors should revert to customers well in time and appropriately. Once a customer gets required information he/she can make a decision on the product.
  4. Customer Feedback– Customer feedback is a marketing term that describes the process of obtaining a customer’s opinion about a business, product or service. Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience.
  5. Understanding Customer Demographics – Think of demographics as the ultimate categorization tool. Grouping consumers based upon characteristics allows organizations to better serve the needs of their ideal customers. In terms of marketing, it means selling a product or service to the person most likely to buy it based on their unique needs and preferences.The most important function of demographics in marketing is obviously to increase sales. By understanding consumers, any business can increase marketing efforts to target those most likely to buy.

Work on these aspects to literally note a significant boost in your sales and increase your market share at amazon. You may visit for further insights by experts.

(Compiled by Nikhil Patil)

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