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Attracting, delighting, retaining and generating referrals are some important marketing aspects directly related to the customer. When it comes to doctors and health specialists, individuals are a bit more result and service oriented as health a delicate issue. Here are some simple steps that you can implement in order to gain customer trust in the health industry.

  1. First Consulting: Online and free – It is true that doctor’s examination is very crucial and needs to be done face to face, but a first consultancy and general understanding of the patients problem can be done online. This feature greatly helps in attracting more patients to your site and eventually your clinic. If you offer this as a free consulting, it simply helps the boost to be larger! Save your patient’s time and/or money by offering this service and they are sure to be impressed and will stick with you.
  2. Reviews on portals – Internet gives you the biggest possible scope of spread and advertisement, make full use of it. Post your reviews on online portals for doctors. Let your rankings be shown across the web so that you may attract customers through any suitable channel.
  3. Search Engine Ranking – It may sound like something not quite associated to health care, but trust us; this is also something that every health specialist should pay attention to. Today, each and every necessity of life is searched for on the web search engines. Statistics mention that 77% patients use search engines before they finalise an appointment. A research done showed that 41% patients searched on the web for as long as about a fortnight before scheduling a meeting at the health centre. Therefore, it is important you strengthen your SEO ranking as you will thus reach out more widely.
  4. Customer Feedback and Reviews – These bunches of words are extremely important as they reflect your expertise and experience. Put some effort in collecting feedback from your patients – it’s your hard work put into words! Display your reviews on the internet through your website or other portals. Google stats show that 37% of online users searched through reviews before making an appointment with doctors. So, reinforce this point.
  5. Quick Responses to Leads – Everyone focusses on responding and communicating with existing customers. It is equally vital to concentrate on the leads you get through the web and offer them a quick response. It obviously increases chances of conversion and also helps in getting referral customers.
  6. Social Presence – Social media is one integration of the internet that has become a part of everyone’s daily activities. With wide network connections, everyone, especially the youngsters turn to social media to develop trust within an industry. 90% of the youth trust medical information shared through the social media platforms. Therefore, it is crucial for doctors to become more ‘digitally social’.
  7. Web chat – This is a very appropriate method of customer delight. It gives the patient a feeling that the doctor is always available and thus helps in retaining them as well. You may not be able to completely solve the problem through chat but a small assistance/suggestion or a simple gesture of convenience and/or further booking is enough to help the customer cling on to you.

Give a try to these methods and surely you will gain high levels of customer delights. Delighting your patients will pull on more traffic for you and your business is very likely to shoot up as well!

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