Facebook or Twitter- Which Social Media Strategy Suits Your Business?

Romancing your brand and making your customers love your brand is the Holy Grail for any business. An effective communication with your customers is the binding glue between customer satisfaction and success of your brand. Taking advantage of the social media to reach out to customers is what each brand is convergently engaged in doing. Between Facebook and Twitter, the two social media honchos, there has always been a debate among folks as to who is more proficient in elevating your business. We list out the “hits” and then let you decide the clear winner.

twitter_fbTwitter Vs Facebook : Clash of the Social Media Giants

  • Twitter – As speedy as Zeus, the Greek God of speed. The best hit of twitter is that a tweet can go viral worldwide in seconds. Any worthwhile news, can it can reach the workplace of even the remotest place in a flicker of an eyelid. Similarly, each tweet gets buried in minutes, so we consider this as a great miss. Until and unless your content is great, attracts more conversations, it’s just a matter of few minutes and your tweet is submerged in the maze of innumerable tweets.
  • Facebook – Personal touches can be included. Just as much as Twitter is professional, to the same extent Facebook page can be made personal. It’s human tendency that they relate more when that thing has pictures, videos and can be made more demonstrative. Reaching out to customer’s queries is like doing that extra bit which earns for you more acclaim. Adding a catchy profile picture on Facebook makes it quirky and attention grabbing.
  • Twitter – Concise and precise. On twitter you can tweet only 140 words. This allows the person to write everything in the crispest way. No add-ons, only the essentials. Sometimes writing too long essays disinterests the reader. A short and to the point statement is the best way to convey your message.
  • Facebook – Target your desired audience with Facebook Ads. The best way to reach out to the target audience is via these ads. According to a survey Facebook generates 60% of its revenues by the ads which are by far its best propagation channel.

We listed out the advantages of the two hot shots. Facebook is twice as big in size as Twitter but the latter is more professional whereas the former is more profile versatile. Use both of them to shrewdly attract more visitors, thereby leading to a chain reaction whereby more people interact with your brand and build a bigger community. This gradually moves the people from passive observes to potential customers. Our advice- Go with the flow and utilize both Facebook and Twitter to the maximum extent.

We help you to find out the best possible conversion driven social media strategy for your  business.

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