E-Commerce Analytics for Shopify Success PART 2

E-Commerce Analytics for Shopify Success PART 2In the previous section, we discussed the WHAT and WHY of e-commerce analytics and some important e-commerce analytics metrics for maximizing ROI for your e-commerce store. In this section, we specifically look at how we can leverage e-commerce analytics to drive success for your Shopify store.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there for online businesses. The platform offers an array of incredible features such as cloud-based hosting, built-in marketing tools, responsive support, advanced functionality, and many more for the smooth and effective running of your online Shopify store.

Utilizing Shopify Analytics Tools

Let’s look at some of the top Shopify tools and how you can utilize them for your Shopify store to achieve business success.

  • Audiencefy



Audiencefy is an excellent e-commerce analytics tool designed specifically to enhance your advertising efforts and maximize your e-commerce metrics to a significant extent. Some of the tool’s best features include an executive summary, predefined customer segments, individual customer data, journey analysis, and much more.

Furthermore, Audiencefy offers PDF reports of your store performance and substantial traffic analysis, and the tool also comes with advanced AI capabilities. However, Audiencefy has a few drawbacks, such as providing only basic traffic data, lacking sophisticated designs, zero SEO features, etc.

  • Sensai Metrics



Sensai Metrics leverages the benefits and reach of data science models and AI to smoothen the process of data-driven business growth. By using Sensai Metrics, you get comprehensive e-commerce data acquired through business analysis.

Some of the tool’s top features consist of budget allocation with campaign performance and customer conversion insights, customer journey tracking, Facebook audience analysis, sales statistics, etc. Using Sensai Metrics allows you to take advantage of some excellent features, real-time traffic insights, and competitive pricing.

Some of the limitations of Sensai Metrics are limited customization options, technical limitations, lack of content-related features, etc.

  • Conversific Profit Analytics

Conversific is a Profit Analytics tool that allows you to enhance and optimize your store traffic and conversions and grow by providing effective and actionable profit analysis, helping you improve and expand as a business.

The tool provides comprehensive functionality and a user-friendly interface. It also offers in-depth analytics like customer personas, ad data, unique sales reports, etc. The app provides a complete view of the store’s performance by compiling data from different sources.

Conversific is an affordable solution providing valuable insights into customer behavior and store optimization for your online Shopify store.


The WebStat tool comes with a beautiful user interface and easy-to-understand graphs and reports containing detailed information about your visitors and records of your store traffic to understand store performance and enhance traffic for your site.

Some of the tool’s top features include user-friendly reports, page tracking, real-time tracking of store visitors, improved site performance, etc. Such excellent features aid in understanding your website usage better and gaining valuable insights into your visitors.

The Power of Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics offers incredibly helpful analytics and insights into measuring the success of your site, helping you make improvements to your store and optimize it to ensure enhanced site performance and customer satisfaction. Integrating Google Analytics into your Shopify store will give you an added advantage in ensuring success for your Shopify store. Some of the advantages of this powerful integration include:

  • Boosting conversion rates

The integration helps you track user behavior and the most visited pages on your site, enabling you to figure out what works and what does not. This information will further help you determine how to optimize your site to boost conversion rates.

  • Enhanced customer experience

The integration lets you gain data regarding where your visitors are coming from, abandoned carts, and total purchases, letting you in on the entire customer journey. The data will help you better understand the customers’ needs and desires, allowing you to cater to them better. 

  • Improved marketing strategies

Google Analytics provides comprehensive and valuable insights about your store performance, which will help you produce better marketing messages and modify and enhance your strategies and techniques to better suit your unique business needs.

Wrapping Up

Optimally utilizing these above-mentioned tools and integrations will help your Shopify store convert better and reach success. If you wish to integrate Google Analytics into your Shopify store, then wish no more and make it happen by connecting with BM Consulting.

We provide A to Z services for your Shopify store, from building and designing your store to effectively marketing and selling your products, thereby improving the chances of your site growth and success.

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