6 tips for optimizing Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon is steadily growing to be one of the top e-commerce websites in the world and almost everyone is visiting or buying from the site. One of the biggest advantages any seller can have through Amazon is Amazon advertising and as a seller, if you do not optimize the PPC or Pay Per Click ads or sponsored ads, it will be a grave mistake on your part. You have to keep in mind the cost incurred for marketing has to be lesser than the price of the products you are selling on Amazon.

Amazon advertising is on a boom and the main reason for this boom is Amazon sponsored ads. Sponsored products ads are on a rise and constitute about 75% of the ads on Amazon. Most product searches are made on Amazon and sponsored products ads is a major component of the advertising strategy that will help sellers bring their products to the forefront and into the notice of the buyers. However, questions often plaque the sellers as to which products and keywords should be added to which ad group and how should one categorize the products and such. Well, there are no set criteria for the organization of products into groups and there are no set rules on which keywords work and which don’t.

Here are 6 key tips that will help the sellers make the most of the sponsored ads strategy in order to be visible to the buyers.

     1. Have consistency in your campaigns 

PPC campaigns have a structure that needs to be followed and will have one or more of the characteristics such as the brand(e.g. Nike, Adidas, etc.), product listing (e.g. sportswear) and top sellers (for e.g. in the top 5).

It is important to have a consistent structure for your products, irrespective of the organizational method employed. Otherwise, the ads will get repeated under different criteria and this will create confusion.

     2. Have relevant keywords

Searches are made based on keywords and any marketer knows the importance of correct keywords to make the campaign a success in digital marketing. Similarly, in Amazon too, using the right and relevant keywords that will lead to the sponsored products ads is the key to its success.

Also, you can test which set of keywords match your campaign and set it to ‘broad’ for a few days and increase the budget for a few days. This will help in finding the right and relevant keywords for your campaign. Amazon gives you the choice to use the relevant keywords and options that help you in doing so.

Amazon Keyword types

3Have similar products in the same ad group

As we have understood that keywords are the key to the success of any ad campaign, it is also vital to know that each ad has its own set of products and keywords pertaining to the products. Thus, it is important to categories all the products pertaining to the keywords and the ad group in one group to make it easier for Amazon to identify the right product for the keyword that has been entered while searching.

     4. Let Amazon identify the relevant keywords for you

You can run an automatic and a manual campaign simultaneously and after a week or two of running the automatic campaign, see which search keywords have yielded better sales. Run these searched keywords in the manual campaign.

Amazon Automatic and Manual Campaign

      5. Make use of Amazon’s listing text 

Amazon shows only those products in the sponsored products that meet its listing. Check and recheck if the keywords are relevant to the products and are included in the listing texts such as description, headings, and sub-texts for the product to appear during the search.

     6. Use more of long-tailed keywords  

Customers prefer to type in the entire sentence instead of just keywords when looking for a product. For instance, a person looking for a Nike sports shoes of a particular color and make will type in ‘Nike sports shoes in black’ instead of just ‘Nike shoes’.

Also, these long tailed keywords will help in eliminating competition since the buyer’s intent and requirement becomes specific and it will help Amazon to run your product when the search is made.

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